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When adapting a stage play for the big screen, the accepted practice is ‘opening it out’, you know, putting in a car chase, or taking the characters for a long walk, a few nice shots of the sky. Things have changed. We now see a lot of theatre in the...
The Lady Guide to Modern Manners: 10 February
Dear Thomas, A gentleman friend has asked me out for dinner. Only after we’d agreed a date did I realise, to my horror, that it will be Valentine’s Day – 14 February. What are his intentions? Will he show up with a card and flowers? Should I give him a...
Promises, Promises
Chuck Baxter is a lowly accounting clerk in a vast New York corporation. Chuck lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment on W 67th street. Chuck can’t get a girlfriend. In short, Chuck is a schmuck. His fortunes turn around, though, when a succession of...
Radio Review: 27 January
It might not always seem as though we do, but we live in a wonderful age. Just after Christmas, my mother-in-law – genuinely one of my favourite people on earth, and an antidote to all the obvious jokes – mentioned that she had heard a jazz piece she...
January sales
January is here and so it is perfectly natural to feel like a bit of a fresh start. For many of us this starts with an optimistic gym membership and a dose of kale or two. It is also the time where we venture into the manic January sales to obtain some...
Something for everyone
Now celebrating its 43rd year, Marlborough College Summer School will take place from 9 July to 5 August 2017 and host an amazing array of more than 500 courses. The popularity of Summer School is undoubtedly underpinned by the phrase 'something for...
Manchester By The Sea
An exquisite, quietly devastating, study of grief, Manchester By The Sea features some of the finest acting around. In the performances of Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams, we’re probably looking at Oscar winners and you can just sit back and watch...
Brits Reveal the Most Bizarre Tasks they’ve Been Given to Do at Work
Peeling the pith from satsuma segments, stacking coat hangers and unknotting Christmas lights are amongst the most bizarre jobs Brits have been asked to do at work, according to new research. A study of 2,000 workers across the country has revealed a...
The Lady Guide to Modern Manners: 23 December
Dear Thomas As many of us will be hoping to enjoy an outing to the theatre over the festive season, I wonder what can be done about the rising tide of munchers and chompers who disrupt performances these days. Michael Cummings , Sandwich Dear Michael...
Helpful Apps for a New Year, New You
Learn new skills Babbel ( ) if your aim is to learn a new language, then this is the app for you. Covering 8,500 hours of content in 14 languages, from Spanish to Indonesian, using Babbel will enable you to communicate in a foreign...
Interview tests and exercises
In an increasingly competitive job market employers need ways to ensure that they are really choosing the best candidate. For this reason tests and exercises are becoming increasingly popular as they give the recruiter the opportunity to see how you...
The Lady Guide to Modern Manners: 4 November
Dear Thomas, I would welcome your advice about planning a party for my 50th birthday next year. We live in Lincolnshire and I was thinking of having a marquee in the small paddock at the back of our garden. Guests will be friends and family from all...
7 tips for keeping your pet calm this Bonfire Night
Research has shown an estimated 45 per cent of dogs in the UK exhibit signs of fear when they hear fireworks. Marc Abrahams and Hive have created a guide to creating a 'Pet Zen Den' – a series of top tips for pet owners on how to transform any part of...
Honeymoon blues
Getting too comfortable around each other, the initial excitement wearing off and knowing each other better are the main reasons the honeymoon period doesn't last in modern relationships. Three in 10 blame "sheer laziness" as a romance killer but...
Frightfully British
#AwfullyBritishOffences Ending a phone conservation without saying bye in at least three different ways. Cheers. Thanks. Bye — Heremy Junt (@Jeremy1Hunt) September 25, 2016 Asking "excuse me - are you queuing?" when you know they're not, they're just...
Radio Review: 30 September
See 'Noel Edmonds speaks to Dana the cat' here: It takes a lot to make me listen to Jeremy Vine (R2, weekdays, noon-2pm), but when he tweeted that Noel Edmonds would be comforting a distressed cat, I tuned in pronto. While I...
Girls who lead: Emma Hart
How did you get your start in PR? I started as an intern at the Evening Standard, I got that through a friend of a friend. I then worked there as a journalist. I was a beauty and style writer, I completely loved it but the thing I found really...
The Lady Guide to Modern Manners: 23 September
Dear Thomas, I can’t say how little I care for it when someone responds to an important point in conversation, made with energy and conviction, with the words ‘I can see you’re upset.’ Is this something women suffer from more than men? Phyllis Harman,...
A wild night out
Comfy camping Wasdale, Lake District Wasdale is a remote farming hamlet surrounded by spectacular fells and dramatic natural wilderness. The fells have been an inspiration for mountaineers, climbers...
The Lady Guide to Modern Manners: 17 June
Dear Thomas, My daughter and I would like your opinion on a discussion we had. When two of my daughters married they kept their maiden names. Our discussion was about the title by which they should be addressed. I said it should reflect their married...

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Boarders Dormitory Master-Mistress
We are looking to appoint a Dormitory Mistress/Master for 5 nights per week, weekday evenings and nights only, term time. (35 weeks). [...]


Housekeeper to Headmaster
We have an opportunity for an experienced live-out housekeeper. You will provide a cleaning and hospitality service for the Headmaster and his guests and help to ensure the household runs efficiently. [...]


Full Time Housekeeper, Nanny
We are looking for a full time, live-out housekeeper/nanny. We are a relaxed young couple living in a large country house, and will have one newborn baby. [...]


Experienced Carer, Companion, Housekeeper needed
Our elderly mother needs a live in carer/companion on a part time basis. Must be warm hearted, calm & compassionate, with a good sense of humour. [...]


Cook, Housekeeper wanted
Good cooking skills required to cater for light meals for the Principal and a small staff, as well as occasional lunch/dinner parties. [...]




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