The Daily: January 6
Tuesday, 06 January 2015

The Daily: January 6

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Written by Frieda Ford
Police Pull over Space Hopper Man Bouncing Along the Motorway
New Year's Day saw itself with a new type of police chase, cars vs. space hopper. In the very early hours of the morning a man was seen bouncing along the Marketgait underpass on a bright red space hopper. Abandoning his trusted travel companion when he sighted the police the man took to his toes and fled through the tunnel. Jamie Shankland, 25, was driving past when he saw what he presumed to be a, "massive red balloon" until, on closer inspection he realised that there were, "two wee horns sticking out the top." A surreal sight indeed, "it was like a scene from the movie, The Hangover." The space hoppering man in question was thought to still be in 'high spirits,' spirits being the key word here, from the New Year's celebrations of the night before. He was not entirely unabashed, however as he wore a, "sheepish look" on his face. A spokesperson for Police Scotland said that no formal action was taken against the rider. An odd yet amusing start to the New Year.

Nokia Release Cheapest Smart Phone Ever
Yesterday, Nokia unveiled a phone that combines the intellect of the modern smart phone with the sturdiness, and price of the classic brick phone. For a meagre £19 you can run various apps including Facebook Messenger and Twitter, take photos with a 0.3 megapixel camera, listen to the radio and light up your way with a torch. On the other end of the spectrum there is also the benefit of it being a Nokia phone, known for being robust and durable, this phone has a 29 day battery life plus it is possible to drop it multiple times without catastrophe. The main target audience is said to be in developing countries due to its affordability, durability and modernized state, including the 20% of the world that doesn't have regular access to electricity. This is where the torch really comes in handy. The phone will be released in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia in the first quarter of 2015.

Dalai Lama Claims that he is to be an Opening for Lionel Richie at Glastonbury, 2015
The Dalai Lama, a 79 year old Tibetan Monk real name Tenzin Gyatso, has confirmed himself to be performing at Glastonbury 2015 in the slot previous to Lionel Richie. Although the Festival officials refused to comment on the matter it was recently posted to his website that, "His Holiness will give a talk at the Glastonbury Festival in the morning" and although it was swiftly taken down possibly due to the officials wanting to keep his appearance a secret matter the news had already begun to circulate. With screenshots and discussions up all over the web, this rumour seems to be quite concrete in its origin. Glastonbury does, in fact have a history of acts of this kind performing, in 2013 the Dalai Lamas' Tibetan Monks performed there, holding a ceremonial Sand Mandala to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Tibetan Declaration of Independence. Is it to be a morning of words for the soul to progress onto music for the soul?

Downtown Abbey's Maggie Smith Transformed into a Cake-like Wonder
What happens when one is a simultaneous fan of both The Great British Bake off and Downtown Abbey? There is only one answer, a life size cake representing Lady Violet, A.K.A. Dame Maggie Smith. Cake and chocolate artist, Karen Portaleo set aside 18 hours of her time to forge this masterpiece flavoured with vanilla, buttercream and an Earl Grey Tea soak, how very English. The cake was made for a party celebrating season five of Downton Abbey being aired in the U.S. and was very well received. The food artist revealed that originally she had been asked to recreate Downton Abbey itself but says that buildings are her, "kryptonite." "Buildings are much harder than faces," she says, "buildings are nothing but mass. Faces and people are so much more interesting." A photo of the cake was sent to Dame Maggie Smith herself but the question remains, did she approve?

72 Hours Spent on a Wire by Extreme Tightrope Walker
72 hour duration, 50 metres high, 70 metres long, no protection. Saimaiti Aishan, a man from northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has been successful in his attempt at extreme tightroping. The challenge began on Thursday in Changsha, the capital of central China's Hunan Province. Aishan performed numerous tricks such as walking backwards, headstands and chair balancing during his three day period in the sky. Aishan is a seventh generation 'Darwaz' (or tightrope) walker so has been doing it since he was a child. In the intervals Aishan rested, (if you can call it that) on the wire, at night, however, in order to sleep he hung from a sleeping bag suspended from the wire. The food supplies he had with him were finished all too fast, by the second day they were gone so he was forced to spend the final 20 hours of his feat in starvation. He was welcomed down to ground with cheers and applause, but none so happy as his wife, from which he received a big, relieved hug.

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