Friday, 28 July 2017

Modern Signs of Bravery Revealed - Including Confronting an Online Troll

Eating out on your own, speaking up against a boss, confronting an online troll – and wearing Lycra on the school run are among the modern signs of bravery, a study has found.

Forget big acts of bravery, more than half are now considering small, everyday goals to the top ways to make the most of their day.

Asking people to move down the train carriage, trying new exercise classes on your own and admitting to friends you don't want to go out rather than simply making up an excuse also feature in the top 50. Other acts of modern bravery revealed in the Highland Spring poll include making the first move on a date, being the one to add someone as a friend on social media after meeting them and letting people go through the pictures in your phone.

The study also found just 62 per cent of adults consider themselves to be brave, with women more likely to view small, everyday victories as brave than men. But everyday bravery decreases with age with eight in ten 18-24-year-olds seeing the little things as brave compared to just 35 per cent of over 55s. Karen Crowley for Highland Spring, which commissioned the research to launch its 'Brave by Nature' campaign, said: "The definition of bravery is changing and new rules in society apply; introducing a raft of new ways you can be brave everyday.

"For some, simply signing up to a dating app is a big step to take, while being the one to add a new acquaintance as a friend on Facebook can leave many feeling like they are taking a leap of faith. For others simply switching off their phone is brave. These are all things previous generations would never have had to worry about but are everyday occurrences for today's generation. The research celebrates those who are 'everyday brave' – those who's nature is to let nothing get in the way of their day."

Speaking up about a boss or colleague is the biggest sign you are everyday brave, followed by giving a presentation at work, going on holiday on your own and sticking up for someone. Standing up for yourself and your values is at five, while making the first move on a date, changing careers, trying something new, asking for help and quitting your job complete the top 10.

Doing things on your own are also a key indicator that you are 'everyday brave' with eating alone in a restaurant, having a drink in the pub on your own and a solo trip to the cinema all on the list.

But social media and technology have led to a lot of the new signs of bravery with the top 50 including confronting a troll online and starting the conversation after matching on a dating site.

54 per cent of people feel they could make more effort to be brave in everyday life, with almost four in ten feeling jealous of people who don't seem to let anything stand in their way. More than half say they are proud of what they do, with three in 10 believing they achieve greatness every day. Karen Crowley of Highland Spring added: "The research proves that we are all naturally driven to do more every day – we are brave by nature. This campaign is about having the thirst to make the most of it and turn every day into a good day and healthy hydration habits help you get there - that's what we're celebrating."

Speaking up about your boss, a colleague's or the school rep's actions
Giving a presentation at work
Going on holiday on your own
Sticking up for someone
Standing up for yourself and your values
Making the first move on a date
Changing careers or retraining
Trying something you've never done before i.e. a Zumba class/HIT
Asking for help
Quitting your job
Owning up to a mistake
Going out for a meal on your own
Going into a pub on your own
Disagreeing with your boss or colleague in a meeting
Dating after a divorce or bad break-up
Asking for a pay rise
Voicing your opinion about something you're passionate about
Going to the cinema on your own
Saying 'no' more
Saying I'm sorry
Breaking up with someone
Going travelling
Attending a job interview
Admitting to your mates that you just don't want to go to something you're invited to instead of making up an excuse/bailing at the last minute
Not holding in your emotions and letting loose
Asking someone out on a date
Confronting a troll online
Being outspoken about politics
Sending a risky email to the whole company
Asking people to move down on the train
Going to a new exercise class on your own
Saying 'yes' more
Asking for feedback
Talking face to face rather than through technology
Letting your child go out on their own for the first time
Letting people go through the photos in your phone
Getting a makeover or changing your look
Flashing your lights at another car which has just pulled out on you
Adding someone (as a friend) on social media after you've met
Starting a new hobby from scratch
Becoming more than friends
Going out without make-up
Starting the conversation first once you've got a match on a dating app
Volunteering to help out with school events/trips
Leaving your car with no parking ticket to do something quickly
Wearing Lycra in public
Swiping right on a dating app
Not putting a filter on a selfie
Crossing the road when the red man is showing
Taking a sick day for a reason other than sickness

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