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Grab your swimming costume! It's a full moon

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Monday, 25 January 2016
Do you know what you'll be doing on the next full moon?

Well the team from Secret Adventures do, they'll be swimming in lidos, rivers and lakes across London every full moon in 2016.


To celebrate the full moon swims for this year, the team at Secret Adventures invited a group to an evening of swimming, followed by food (supplied by Foods Unearthed) and singing around the campfire.

Just under an hour of swimming was the perfect thing to build an appetite for our campfire feast and despite the rain, the cold, and my forgetting of waterproof trousers and a blanket (was saved there as the Secret Adventures team had enough picnic blankets for all), I had a great time.


And after a swim what could be better than live music and great food? FYI campfire cooked camembert is the best thing ever and my new campfire food favourite.

I went on my own, knowing a few people from the group but I'd say that if you wanted to go alone but were worried about sitting in the corner with no one to chat to then don't worry; everyone was very friendly and chatty.


Overall, I would definitely be up for donning my bikini and partaking in a bit of night time swimming again!

The night time, full moon swims will be accompanied by a delightful camp fire and marshmallows. All you need to bring is a picnic, your swim suit and wear something warm!

Juicing: Does it work?

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 15 January 2016
plenish-176Have you been embracing the New Year New You state of mind? Personally I've always been a sausage and chips at the local greasy spoon kinda girl as opposed to a salad one but with my best friend's wedding next month, for once I well and truly boarded the New Year New You wagon.

But which way do you turn? With so many fad diets and schemes out there, it's difficult to know where to start.

I opted for a Plenish juice cleanse which involved drinking six juices a day for three days; a level one cleanse.

My fears going into it would be that the juices would be foul tasting and that'd I'd be really hungry.

The first thing I realised when the juices arrived at The Lady HQ was that to do the cleanse you need to have a lot of space in your fridge; 18 juices take up quite a bit of space. Thankfully we have two fridges in the editorial department so that was fine but if I were to have taken the juices home I would have struggled.

With your juices you also get a glass straw (fancy!) and a booklet with tips on recipes and an advised schedule for your juices.

Plenish advise you have a hot water with lemon at 6am and then your first juice at 8am drinking one every two hours from then, with a break at 6pm. This is just a suggested schedule so from the off I binned the 6am hot water and lemon – I don't have to get up for work until there is half seven so there was no way I was getting up an hour and a half early for some water!
Other than that I stuck to the schedule.

So how did it go?

Well my first relief was that the juices (bar one) were quite yummy! Secondly, the only time I felt hungry was when I forgot my 4pm juice and had it a bit late. But thirdly and most excitingly was that after three days of juicing I've moved my belt buckle one extra notch – yay!

Being a complete cynic when it comes to this sort of thing I have to say I'm an absolute convert. I had loads of energy, slept well, my skin looked great (without makeup), and I managed to lose a few pounds. What's not to love?

And at just under £60 (per day) for the level one juice it's something I think I'll definitely be doing again.

Get stupidly healthy

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 08 January 2016
moju-176Kayaking selfie! Everyone is getting into the New Year, New You spirit, to the extent that even I'm sitting here with a cold press juice instead of the usual cup of tea or hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles.

Moju launched their cold press juices late last year by teaming up with Secret Adventures and taking a group of bloggers and journalists (myself included) on a kayaking trip on the canals of Hackney.

Moju's brand mission is to inspire a new generation of healthier, happier people by making accessible, great-tasting juice in the healthiest way possible, and with their tagline being 'get #stupidlyhealthy,' a day's kayaking was the perfect way to share their new brand.

Rain and my terrible kayaking skills (my partner and I more zig-zagged down the entire canal then going for the more traditional straight line route) aside, an hour or so after setting off I was Moju juice in had at the quirky Crate Brewery in Hackney.

Founders of the brand and university friends, Rich and Charlie, joined the group for the trip and had time to tell us about the venture.


After leaving university they both got jobs which meant busy days and long hours so started juicing to help stay healthy. Finding nowhere that stocked reasonably priced juices they ditched the suits and decided to fill the niche.

moju-3Zig zagging like troopers...

Initial tasting sessions with Charlie's mum's book club were a huge success and the brand went from strength to strength; from using a simple juicer in their mum's kitchen and delivering by hand the brand is now stocked in Harrods and available to buy online.


The cold press juices are packed full of goodness with at least four portions of fruit and veg in each bottle (equivalent to an impressive 1/2 of a kilo of fresh produce), and are 100% natural with no additives.

moju-1And we finally make it!

So after a mornings kayaking in pretty miserably, cold weather it's no surprise I was feeling perky!

The MOJU range comprises three flavours, The Green Juice, The Purple Juice, and The Orange Juice, all costing £2.95 (250ml bottle).

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Specsavers Silent Night

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 12 November 2015
specsavers-176One in six people under the age of 65 in the UK currently suffer from some sort of hearing loss. I have two grandparents who wear hearing aids, and despite understanding the obvious that they struggle with hearing; I had no understanding of how they feel and how they may struggle at a family meal such as Christmas dinner.

In a bid to help people understand I went to the Specsavers Silent Night event, which would entail enjoying a Christmas meal whilst having my ears blocked so 70% of hearing would be lost.

Once I'd had the putty like filler injected into my ears I took a seat around the table to have breakfast and chat which sounds simple, but had now been made a whole lot harder.

When talking to people I had to make sure I was looking directly at them, relying much more than I usually would on facial indicators and lip movements during a conversation.

I also found that eating and talking to someone was near impossible; when eating, the sound of chewing would drown out everything around me. I found this meant it took me much longer to eat a meal, having to constantly stop eating so I could partake in conversation.

I also found it very difficult to chat to more than one person at a time, unable to look at different people's faces at the same time making it hard to get into group conversations.

Nick Taylor, Head of Professional Advancement at Specsavers Hearing Centres, was in attendance at the breakfast and explained some of the knock on effects of hearing loss (that is left untreated) with depression, loneliness, diabetes and weight gain being just a few.


Once your hearing starts to deteriorate, there is nothing that can be done to bring it back 100%, but a simple hearing test and an aid can bring back up to 95% of hearing, vastly improving a person's life.

Having experienced 70% hearing loss and struggling to get through a meal without worrying I was speaking too loudly, not being able to communicate fully, and even not wanting to really eat as it disturbed my hearing, I now more than ever see the importance of hearing tests.

For more information on hearing loss and to book a free hearing test visit
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Hooray for lunch time

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 09 October 2015
Working in the center of Covent Garden we young ladies about town are lucky to have a huge variety of food choices when it comes to lunch. Invariably though we just head for the nearest place, sticking usually to places on our very own Bedford street and Herietta Street.

So we were all rather excited to discover Caffè Nero's (which is directly opposite our office) new range of hot dishes for lunch time.

The launch comes in light of research they carried out revealing that despite nearly 40% of us feeling re-energised, a third of us feeling happier , a fifth more focused and 16% more motivated after a lunchbreak, nearly one in ten Brits (9.5%) never take a break at all, and 15% of us do lunch 'al desko'.


In a bid to lure us away from our desks their new range (which can be taken away or eaten in) includes Al Forno dishes: Penne Bolognese in a rich ragu and Chicken Pesto Al Forno with fresh pesto and a crisp breadcrumb topping, layered pots: Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Risotto with fresh leaves, Mediterranean Vegetable Arrabiata with basil and olive oil, and flatbreads: Chargrilled Vegetable or Sunblush Tomato, Pesto and Mozzarella flatbread topped with a creamy mozzarella.

On hearing about the new range it wasn't long before we found ourselves tucking into something delicious, served in a china bowl (if you sit in), making a nice change from eating out of a cardboard pot.

So far we fully appove of the risotto, penne bolognese, and the flatbreads. As for the other dishes, well by the end of next week I have no doubt we will have tried them all.

The new Caffè Nero hot food range is priced £3.50 - £5.25

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