With the Olympic Games taking place in London this year, the eyes of the world are all glued to our little island.

So it seems only fitting that we should celebrate the stay at home holiday, along with the great sights and adventures Britain has to offer.

orient express

Cue my trip aboard the one and only Orient Express (mass excitement pours out of me even as I type this) with VisitEngland for a day celebrating all things Britain in a quintessentially British way.

My day on the Orient Express was spent enjoying food and wine from around Britain and exploring the 10 carriages of The British Pullman which had been transformed into different locations around the country, from Sheffield, to Nottingham (complete with Robin Hood) and the English Riviera (with Poirot - pause for a moment to share my excitment!)

orient express2

After a five course lunch - yes five - we wondered through the carriages of the Pullman all while chugging along the Kentish countryside...as Pa Larkin would say (being from Kent) Perfic.

The highlight of the day for me was not just the exquisite food and wine but bumping into the legendary sleuth himself.

Obviously no trip aboard the Orient Express would be complete without bumping into Poirot - thankfully murder was not on the menu this time around though.

Words by Melonie Clarke