Being single when the majority of your friends are paired off can be a bit of a bore. And let's face it none of us singles want to sit through another awful date (Tinder arranged or not).

Despite this, on receiving an invite to board the Love Train (I defy you to not have the 1972 hit by the O'Jays stuck in your head now) I couldn't help but agree.

Arranged by in association with East Coast Trains, the Love Train would be a round trip to York, with activities on the train there and back and the chance to explore York or take part in the arranged activities in the city. And best of all, every passenger on the train, all 200 of them, would be single.

This first ever dating via railway event would also include breakfast and dinner. Single guys and free food...who wouldn't be sold?


On route to York (apparently one of the most romantic cities in the UK, with more couples tying the knot in the Yorkshire city than anywhere else in Britain) the entertainment included a mariachi band (what's not to love?), magician, a shadow artist, a poet, and radio1 dj Scott Mills would be on hand to match make.

Luckily, everyone who was offered a place on the train was allowed to bring a guest aka a wing woman or man. This did somewhat boost the number of ladies on the train but it's to be expected considering men are much less likely to indulge in online dating/dating events.

As fun a time as I had I do feel the lack of the aforementioned O'Jays tracked being played was a bit of an error. On top of that I can't say I got the chance to meet that many guys. We were all quite spread out making it difficult to mingle unless you went on a stroll through the carriages for a blatant oogle session. So although there was no love to be found for me on the Love Train I can't deny I still had a great day out and met some fun people (mainly girls). And I came home with the odd souvenir from some of York's vintage shops. now run a number of events for members to help lovelorn singles find that someone special. For more information visit