Ever since my granddad told me he passed his driving test in a little black Morris Minor in 1956, I've had a soft spot for classic cars.

My first car was (and still is) a 1970 Morris Minor and I can honestly say I would happily never own a modern car with its mod cons and power steering.


But, as any classic car owner will know, they do have their drawbacks. Starting it in the winter can be interesting and many a cold winter morning I've gone out to a flat battery. Luckily I knew what I was signing up for when I made my eBay purchase and the lack of power steering really didn't bother me.

However, what if you love the charm of a classic car but want those mod cons? Luckily there are other options.

The Morgan Motor Company has been making cars since 1909 and soon became known as one of the most successful lightweight cars of the early days of motoring. This year London Morgan is the sister company of the Morgan Motor Company and this year celebrates its first year anniversary as the Morgan car dealer for London. So there seemed like no better time to jump behind the wheel and take one of the models for a spin.


Despite the fact they come with a new top-of-the-range engine, the look of the car has remained largely unchanged so you can enjoy the look of a classic car, without having to wait an age for the engine to warm up on a cold morning.

Located in Astwood Mews in the heart of South Kensington, London Morgan launched in May 2013, neighbouring its sister company Monaco VW (Britain's oldest Volkswagen dealership established in 1948 by a Polish immigrant settling in London following WW11).

I would be driving the Plus 4 model, aka the world's favourite Morgan.


The four cylinder engine married with the design of a classic sports car was actually quite breath-taking and quite frankly I could not wait to take it for a spin.

The handmade piece of excellence purred along the roads of London. For me (as well as looking incredibly cool driving a fab car) I loved the lack of power steering. Other than the look of the car, it's the thing that makes the car still feel like a classic car despite the fact it's brand new. The perfect combination of modern luxury with nostalgia thrown in.


Although driving in London is very stop start, I could still get a feel for how well the car drove. I can only imagine how great it must be to drive on roads that aren't so busy!

As a vintage enthusiast, a Morgan with its grandeur totally finishes off my image; a perfectly good reason to pop this pedigree car on the Christmas list if you ask me!


Melonie Clarke