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Majority Would Opt for Cosmetic Surgery over Healthy Eating and Exercise

Posted by The powder room
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on Thursday, 28 March 2013
Some 59% of us would rather have cosmetic surgery to get a better body than eat healthily or exercise, reveals a new survey.

Online sport and exercise equipment retailers,, surveyed more than 1,700 people on their attitudes towards cosmetic surgery.

The poll found women are more likely to consider cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance, making up just over half, 57%, of the respondents who claimed to prefer cosmetic surgery; compared to 43% of men.

When those who’d said they’d opt for cosmetic surgery were asked, ‘Why would you prefer to undergo cosmetic surgery rather than exercise and eat healthily?’ the majority, 62%, admitted that the ‘effort’ it took to exercise and eat well was a prohibitive factor, while 41% said they didn’t believe a healthy diet and exercise could ‘work for their body, from experience’, and 35% said they didn’t have the time to achieve their ideal body naturally.

According to the results of the study, the top 5 most desired cosmetic procedures amongst women are:

1. Liposuction – 78%
2. Tummy tuck – 65%
3. Breast implants – 43%
4. Breast lift – 39%
5. Bum implants – 17%

In contrast, the most desired cosmetic procedures amongst men are:

1. Liposuction – 68%
2. Breast reduction – 42%
3. Tummy tuck – 31%
4. Pectoral implants – 19%
5. Abdominal implants – 16%

Of the respondents, 26% said that they would consider themselves ‘regular exercisers’. Over a third, 35%, said that they believed they had a healthy diet.

Maz Darvish, CEO of, said: "As you’d imagine, we entirely advocate a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise when it comes to improving your physique, but we wanted to see just how many people would consider surgery as a quick-fix means to achieving the body of their dreams.

"It appears that more needs to be done to counter the damage being done by members of the public constantly seeing cosmetic surgery as the easy option. Although it may help with confidence and outward appearance in the short term, only through a healthy lifestyle can you improve your fitness and ensure your body, particularly your heart and lungs, function as healthily as possible. The benefits of exercise in prolonging life and combating disease are very well documented, but this is lost on people who’d instead prefer to pay their way to a better body."

Words by Katy Pearson

Leeds Named ‘Moobs Capital’ of the UK

Posted by The powder room
The powder room
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on Monday, 04 February 2013
A nationwide survey of more than 2,000 men has found that Leeds is the ‘moobs’ capital of the UK, with almost three fifths of men living there admitting to having ‘man boobs’.

As part of research into the health and fitness of the nation, have revealed that 46% of men believe that they have ‘moobs’. The survey of 2,138 men found the highest proportion of men with ‘moobs’ in the UK can be found in Leeds, very closely followed by Swansea.

When asked “Would you consider yourself to have moobs – also known as man boobs?” 46% of all the men taking part answered ‘yes’. Almost three quarters, 73%, of the men that admitted to having moobs said it affected their confidence. 42% of them also said that they had considered surgery to correct the problem. Of the men that believed they had ‘moobs’, 55% were over the age of forty and a third, 34%, were aged thirty or younger.

The survey also asked “If you believe you have ‘moobs’, why do you think this is the case?”. 71% said they blamed their diet, whilst a similar figure, 67%, blamed a lack of exercise. 23% said they believed it was genetic and 16% said they were ‘unsure’.

The highest proportion of men with ‘moobs’, according to the survey, can be found in the following places:

1. Leeds – 59%
2. Swansea – 57%
3. Glasgow – 56%
4. Manchester – 54%
5. Bristol – 52%
6. Newport – 50%
7. Coventry – 48%
8. Wrexham – 46%
9. Colchester – 45%
10. Lincoln – 45%

Excessive development of male breasts – also known as gynaecomastia – is most commonly attributed to obesity, but can also be triggered by hormonal problems and in some cases, medication. Maz Darvish, CEO of, said: “Whilst in some cases moobs are due to hormonal problems or medication, excessive fat build-up of any kind is usually a sign that a healthier lifestyle is in order.”

Words by Katy Pearson

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