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Half term half baked

Posted by Mum About Town
Mum About Town
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on Thursday, 20 February 2014
One of my Smalls (aged 9) is half way through her half term break. I say ‘break’ because that’s what I thought it was. But, as far as I can work out, she’s mixing any relaxation with some hard core work. Yes, WORK. Science exam revision, a Beethoven written project, a poem to be learnt, music theory papers to be completed and some good old fashioned piano practice. And I’m left wondered if the 9 year old (one of life’s true grafters) deserves a REAL break?

Which leads me to my question: which skills do these kids actually need? I mean, what do they really need to know under the age of 10? How to speak Mandarin? Which materials make effective thermal insulators? How many flats B flat minor has? I suspect not.

While I’m mildly interested in the temperature of the hottest part of the sun (16,000,000 degrees Celsius, if you’re wondering), I’d rather give this traditional curriculum learning a miss. At least for the week. Instead, I’m fantasizing about teaching her the following:

1. how to read a map of London
2. how to draw happy, quirkily-dressed people
3. a little Brit history – maybe a king or queen from years gone by
4. a mean bolognaise which includes more than 4 vegetables
5. how to change a plug

It would certainly feel a whole lot more fun, less pressurized and might leave her better refreshed for next week’s exams. But I fear that by doing so, I will let her down. And so we dive back into electrical conductors…

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Half Term

Posted by Slummy single mummy
Slummy single mummy
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on Monday, 11 February 2013
“You do know it’s half term next week don’t you?” Boyfriend asked me last week, not at all helpfully.

“Yes,” I replied, “I do.”

“It’s just that you don’t seem very prepared. I don’t think you’ve thought about exactly how much work you have to do with Belle around,” he says.

Jeez, can’t a girl just be in denial in peace?

He was right of course. I wasn’t very prepared. I didn’t want to think about it, didn’t want to have the ‘Noooo, I hate holiday club!’ battle, and so now here we are, the week stretching ahead of us, and the only glint of an oasis on the bleak horizon is a two and a half hour sewing class on Thursday morning.

That’s OK though, I’ll have a good two and a half hours there to get some work done. Less of course the time it takes me to drive her there and pick her up again.

*screams quietly inside head*

As well as the actual work/childcare dilemma, there is also the question of how my patience is going to cope. By Sunday afternoon it was already threadbare, and I had to have a little glass of raspberry liqueur while I cooked dinner. The week is not looking bright.

I need to buy in supplies to see us through.

Perhaps I’ll send Belle down to Blockbusters to buy up all their liquidation stock and a few kilos of popcorn.

And maybe a little bottle or two of some sort of fruit based liqueur…

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