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The Smalls log on

Posted by Mum About Town
Mum About Town
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on Thursday, 01 May 2014
This week I have received more ‘I love you’ messages than ever before.

In case you are thinking the worst or wondering if He might have swallowed a romance manual whole, I can explain…

You see, after much pester-power (and even more resisting on our part), the Smalls are each proud owners of an email address. The excitement is no less than immense. Homework must be completed before they rush to the computer to check for any new messages and feverishly draft away their kooky news updates. PING! Off fly their amusing messages – either to me or to their quicker-to-respond grandparents.

Despite being quite sweet, I do find this new activity a little sobering. Let’s face it, we’re all slaves to our in-box. Obsessive checking for any new messages and feeling compelled to reply within minutes, life, as these little people know it, is well and truly over.

Of course, they see email correspondence as properly glamorous. They lust after this other world where an iPhone is simply an extension of your hand. Gone are the days when any of us even wonder what the postman might deliver in the way of handwritten correspondence. He’s simply Amazon’s carrier pigeon now.

As I search (online – of course) for this year’s summer holiday destination, I’m quite tempted to find somewhere completely disconnected. The idea of no Wi-Fi, TV and maybe even lacking in constant electricity is really appealing. By then it will be the digital detox my Smalls need.

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Turning off for Christmas

Posted by Mum About Town
Mum About Town
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on Tuesday, 17 December 2013
We’re on the verge of hitting wind-down time to coincide with the fat man in red slipping down our non-existent chimney. Except that we’re anything but wound down. Instead we are MAXED out and I wholeheartedly blame technology.

Yes - I know - without Amazon we would be a different sort of frazzled and at least the odd e-Christmas card has prevented some degree of RSI. But there is no doubt in my mind that with omnipresent technology, we are dangerously close to spiraling out of control.

Picture this. The presents are wrapped, Ocado has delivered, the cranberry sauce is made, the table is laid and, with ‘A Wonderful Life’ on the box, all is calm, peaceful and quiet. But… there you are on the sofa, snuggled up with your loved ones, losing out on the precious moment as you OBSESSIVELY check your Instagram feed (keeping track of those supposedly having more fun) or instead tweet some alcohol fuelled almost-wit.

I think they now call this Status Anxiety as we struggle to show the (social media) world that we still exist. Or is it that we are suffering from a bad case of FOMO (fear of missing out) as we feel compelled to comment willy-nilly on another’s status? Either way it’s utterly draining and completely unhealthy and not in the least bit festive. My advice? Lock up your smartphone, forget the virtual universe and raise a glass of sherry to a purely retro, non-tech-additive Christmas.

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