I like to think that when Plato coined the phrase that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”, he was inspired by a remarkable woman rather than poetic expression.

Every mother is remarkable every day she cooks, cleans, teaches, works, washes and cares for her family. Multi-tasking is what we call it today, but mothers have been supreme jugglers since, well, FOREVER.

I recently read a good news story about an Israeli mum who invented a harness to help her son with cerebral palsy, learn to walk. Now that’s necessity. And as admirable as Debby Elnatan and her creation are, more than anything she symbolizes what mothers and nannies do on a daily basis.

Maybe they aren’t patent-worthy nor money making discoveries, but if they entertain a child, keep a child occupied, safe, amused, distracted, and interested, I regard the effort commendable. Give them a medal or a homemade crown…with lots of glitter and feathers.

An empty egg carton, brown paper bag (invented by a mother in 1868), with string, glue, scissors, paint and a balloon, on a rainy afternoon and voila, Miss Sara will have her own piggybank.

Games, recipes, all sorts of objects we take for granted were the brainchild of a woman who was not limited by “how”, and inspired by “what”.

Where would we be without chocolate chip cookies, bullet proof vests, windshield wipers, retractable dog leash, monopoly, disposable nappies and computers?

Grace Hopper may have not been the first person to invent a computer but she is responsible for creating a writing code for one of the first computers at Harvard University. And like every talented hausfrau she also dusted the five-ton machine to remove the moths it attracted, literally the “bugs” we now refer to when our systems crash.

I praise all the women with children in their lives who get through the day and make things happen. And I applaud them for their creativity and stamina and passion, but mostly for the unconditional love in everything they do for the future inventors and mums and nannies.

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