birthnotice-176You might read this and think it is an extreme of what parenting is all about. How wrong. What next?

Let me enlighten you why I believe Mama and Papa Bogert are precisely the kind of mum and dad I would hope are the norm rather than the exception. Reason being, unconditional love and acceptance.

Parenting is a tough gig. There are no guarantees. And just when you start to feel comfortable and think you know your offspring, they surprise you…not always in a good way, or with something you might be completely unprepared for.

On so many levels giving birth to a daughter who rejects your expectations and challenges what society also presumes is acceptable behaviour can be a humdinger of a situation.

And yet Kai gets to grow up, learn, and discover life and the best in people through his parents.

“It is all very new to us. Kai told me a few days ago that he no longer wanted to live as a girl”, Mrs Bogert said.

“I need to show my son I support him 100 per cent and wanted to let the world know that”.

And she does it with grace and humour and a good dose of reality. “Tidy your room”.

Now that’s a mum who is a real parent.