Along with a huge gust of wind and an almighty downpour, up went our brollies in true Mary Poppins style as He and I skipped out of the house last Sunday night.

We were rushing to arrive at Leicester Square in time for the BFI world premiere of Saving Mr Banks, the film that tells the real story of Ms. Poppins. Along with Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks and Colin Farrell, we were truly stepping out in time, but if you missed Monday’s papers you might not realise what a treat this film really is.

In fact, the (almost) true story of an author, PL Travers, and the king of manufactured childhood fun, Mr. Walt Disney, had me hook, line and sinker. Desperate not to hand over her ‘precious Mary’, Travers proves to be a tough nut to crack while Walt, on the other hand, is as sugary as Mickey Mouse on a giant spoonful of roller coaster. Despite considerable artistic licence, the duo share heart-rending stories of their relationships with their respective fathers, as we mock and admire the magic of Disney in equal measure.

Of all the family classics, Mary Poppins is a firm favourite in our household. Not least because our Small is a carbon copy of their small Master Banks but also because the story reinforces a message of the parental fun one should have with ones’ offspring. Of course, once Mr. Banks flies his kite (and sticks up a couple of fingers at his workplace), he is indeed saved. And his smalls live happily ever after. Amen.

Saving Mr Banks will be released on Nov 29.

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