Being sick is so dreadful.  I’m not referring to lying in bed nursing a slight temperature while sipping hot lemon and ginger tea, lazily flicking through a glossy fashion magazine.  No, the actual act of feeling sick, being sick and smelling of all that sick.

So right now my heart goes out to our Princess and her not-yet-swollen tum.

Actually my sympathy goes out to her all the more as there is only one thing much worse than puking.  It’s the fact that the ENTIRE world knows you are puking.

Pregnancies pre the 12-week threshold are notoriously kept under wrap but as the Duchess of Cambridge is toilet/bedridden, she has had, once again, to let the new baby secret out of the bag.

As far as I am concerned, morning sickness is just the beginning of that fallacy called pregnancy.  It certainly isn’t just confined to mornings as nausea can sweep over the whole day.  But this princess is suffering more than the common people’s morning sickness.  Her royal version is called Hyperemesis Gravidarum and, affecting around 15 per cent of all pregnancies, it can go as far as causing dehydration.

Either way, I don’t envy her at all.  My baby making days feel like another world ago and, while I’ve got an image in my head of the Duke holding back all that wonderful hair, I do hope she milks it enough to get though a stack of magazines and several tea runs.