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Summer Term - Week 11

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on Sunday, 16 June 2013
I was summoned to an interview at the end of last week. Well, actually, I was just summoned. I wasn't aware it was an interview until I walked into the Headmaster's Office and found him sitting there, in the middle of a panel of the Senior Management team (or 'SMT') all staring at me. Well, actually, I wasn't aware even then that it was an interview. The clue came when the Headmaster stood up from the middle of the panel, beckoned me to a forbidding lone leather chair opposite them and stated, "Thank you for coming into interview."
Befuddled I sat quickly in the chair wondering what exactly I was being interviewed for, I was fairly sure I had a job. At the school. They'd employed me a little over two months ago. Had it all been a dream?

"Well Clare, you've made a positive start at the school and we have been vry vry impressed by you."

"Oh good," I said shifting in the leather seat so that an inelegant squeak echoed round the room. I coughed, feeling a blush creep up my neck, "Well it's a lovely school," I said.

The Head of Co-Curricular dabbed at his bald patch with a spotted handkerchief whilst nodding in agreement. The Second Master gave me a crooked smile, no teeth. I made the squeaking sound again.

"Well we wanted to get you in and talk to you about picking up the reins of our gals house next year," the Headmaster explained. Mesmerised by his choice of attire today (a twin striped red Oxford University tie coupled with a duck egg blue waistcoat - quite the combo) it was a moment before his words sunk in.

"Oh," I spluttered, "Yes this has been mentioned to me, but, well I'm not sure I have adequate experience running a gal, I mean a girl's, house," I said.
"Piffle," came his reply as he stood up, "You have 29 years of ample experience and we will support you all the way."

"Right well I, you see, the thing is..."

"So that's decided then," he smiled at me, holding out a large hand for me to take.

"Sor... Is it?" I said getting slowly to my feet and shaking the hand proferred automatically. He stepped around the panel, "Yes we thing you'd be very good. Marvellous, marvellous, well we best get on," he said opening his office door for me and calling to his PA, "Get the contracts put together will you Angela, Housemistress."

Without looking at the rest of the panel I stumbled towards the door and then I was out, standing mouthing at the air as Angela bustled about her office smiling at me sympathetically.

"You'll be fine," she said. She sounded so unsure.

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