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One in Ten British Men ‘Secret’ Make-Up Wearers

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on Wednesday, 16 January 2013
A survey of British men has found that one in ten men admit to secretly using make-up, with men from Newcastle being the most likely to wear make-up; closely followed by men from Essex.

More than 1,800 men were surveyed by designer secret sales website to investigate men’s attitudes towards make-up and toiletries, as well as the number of British males who admit to wearing make-up.

When asked ‘Do you ever secretly wear make-up?’ 11% of respondents admitted that they did. When asked how often they did so, the majority, 52%, of these respondents said they did so ‘regularly’; while 21% admitted that they wore it ‘every day’.

These respondents were then asked to highlight which make-up products they used. The top five products used by those who said they secretly wore make-up were:

1. Concealer – 71% (of make-up-wearing respondents stating they used it)
2. Lip gloss – 64%
3. Eyeliner – 49%
4. Mascara – 31%
5. Bronzer – 18%

More than a third of the men taking part (37%), said they used fake tanning products; with the majority of these, (68%) preferring to use at-home products. The remainder said they preferred to go to spray-tanning salons and 14% of men also said that they regularly used tanning beds.

The survey then asked respondents who secretly wore make-up which town or city in the UK they lived in, revealing that Northerners are more likely to wear make-up than their Southern counterparts; with just three of the top ten towns and cities being located in the south.

The towns or cities in which men were most likely to secretly wear make-up were revealed as:

1. Newcastle
2. Essex
3. Liverpool
4. Leeds
5. Edinburgh
6. Manchester
7. Exeter
8. Nottingham
9. Cardiff
10. Middlesbrough

Mark Pearson, founder of, said: “With men in the public eye wearing make-up, including X Factor winner James Arthur, it appears to be becoming more acceptable. Despite this, the majority of men who wear make-up feel that they have to do so in secret, although in reality, people around them are bound to have noticed but, in true British style, are probably too polite to bring it up!”

Words by Katy Pearson

Hundreds Wasted On Gym Memberships and Sports Kit We Never Use

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on Monday, 14 January 2013
Couch potatoes who vowed to get fit in 2013 will waste an average of almost £1,000 on gym memberships and sports equipment they will rarely use, says a new survey.

The poll, by sports betting site, found those who make fitness a New Year resolution rarely last beyond three months but often find themselves locked in to costly 12 month contracts with the average annual spend of those polled coming in at £987.31.

One thousand people were asked about their New Year fitness plans with the vast majority (87%) admitting to having tried and failed to improve their health in previous years. Three quarters (76%) said they bought fancy sports kit in a bid to encourage them to get down the gym or pounding the pavement, but more often than not, items such as high-end running shoes and the latest fitness clothing spent more time on the shelf than soaking up sweat.

One in eight (13%) stated they had bought fitness clothing for friends and family in an attempt to find somebody to exercise with. While one in ten (9%) admitted to postponing exercise because they had bought new kit, viewing the purchases as a step in the right direction which should be rewarded with a night off.

Gym membership was by far the single biggest expense with many people agreeing to costly annual deals. Other items such as home gym equipment and the latest sports shoes and clothing also added to the total outlay.

A spokesman from the site said the results show that it might be easier (and cheaper) to be honest with ourselves about the true extent of our fitness ambitions.

He said: “It’s the same every New Year, people make resolutions to get fitter and lose weight, sign up at their local gym and go out to buy a load of new kit to inspire them. A couple of weeks later the motivation is gone and they’re left with a big hole in their wallets."

Words by Katy Pearson

British women hoarding out of date make-up

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on Wednesday, 09 January 2013
A new survey has revealed British women keep hold of their make-up products for SIX YEARS after they have gone off., leading online beauty retailer, discovered that many Brits are holding onto their make-up far past the use-by date, exposing them to toxins and bacteria, which lead to unnecessary breakouts and risk eye infections.

Eyeshadow came up trumps for the most hoarded item at the bottom of make-up bags with women keeping hold of them for nearly seven years, which is nearly six years too long. It is also one of the worst culprits for spreading infections as it is applied close to the eye.

Next worst was lipstick and liquid foundation, which are kept for 4¾ years, and over 3½ years respectively, which is more than three years longer than they should be kept.

Mascara is one of the worst culprits for spreading eye infections and was seen to be kept nearly two years past its use by date, and eyeliner is kept 3 years too long on average.

The most frequently replenished beauty products were face powder, blusher and bronzer but even they were kept a year longer than they should be according to the survey.

Emma Leslie, Beauty Editor at commented on the results: We’re all guilty of clinging on to lip and eye colours in the hope they come back into fashion but make-up can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria like Satphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermis.

“Beauty products that surround the eye hold the greatest risk of infection and can cause bacterial conjunctivitis and blepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelid. So it’s alarming to learn that British women are holding onto eyeshadow years past the expiration date.

She added: “Liquid foundation, blusher, bronzer, concealer and face powder past expiration dates can clog up pores with bacteria, which can cause irritations, break-outs and rashes.”

In the most extreme cases 6% of women admitted keeping eyeshadow for more than 14 years, 17% admitted to owning mascara 7-8 years old and 7% of respondents confessed to having eyeliner more than 14 years old.

Women have an average of 3-6 lipsticks at one time, and lipsticks are kept for an average of 4 years and 8 months which is more than 3 years past the expiry date. These can be a breeding ground of cold sores, especially if women have ever shared their lipstick, and 12% of women claim they’ve kept their lippy for 7-8 years and 5% for 10-12 years. Even with face powder, the least hoarded beauty item, a substantial 12% admitted to holding onto the product for 6-7 years.

Words by Katy Pearson


Posted by The powder room
The powder room
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on Friday, 04 January 2013
Did you get a beauty product you didn't want this Christmas? You're not alone.

The average British woman throws away two Christmas beauty gifts, worth an average £26.36, according to new national research by BlanX.

But beauty binning isn't just for Christmas. British women will throw away an average of one beauty product every month of the year, the nationwide survey shows.

While the average UK woman buys almost three (2.91) new beauty products for herself per month they tend to stick to the same tried and tested brands they know and trust.

More than seven out of 10 women say they continue to buy the same beauty products because of “positive usage” whereas just 12.4% buy on the recommendation of others.

A further 18.5% buy the same beauty brands out of loyalty and some 24.7% buy the same brands because of habit.

Senior Brand Manager for BlanX, Louise Marks said: “British women are very loyal to their favourite brands and tend to want to stick with the beauty products they know and love.

“They very rarely choose a new beauty product based on a recommendation from others and choose their make-up and other beauty essentials out of habit, loyalty and, most importantly, because it has had a positive result for them in the past."

Words by Katy Pearson

Compliments help 85% of dieters to stick to their weight loss regime

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The powder room
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on Wednesday, 02 January 2013
With almost three quarters of us (72%) starting 2013 unhappy with our weight and almost a fifth (18%) of dieters admitting to feeling fat every single day of the week, new research from XLS-Medical Fat Binder, reveals that our New Year diet confidence suffers after just two weeks.

Almost two fifths (39%) of dieters admit to giving up by mid-January primarily as a result of following a restrictive programme alongside coping with the demands from work and home.

The top diet plan that slimmer’s are most likely to stick to, is one that is easy to follow and doesn’t impact on their daily routine (42%).

Nicole Ehlen, Marketing Manager for XLS-Medical Fat Binder, comments: "Many dieters lead busy lives and don’t have the time or energy to spend hours following a complex weight loss regime. A plan that can be easily incorporated into a dieter’s normal routine will have a higher likelihood of making those weight loss goals a reality."

The research also found that boosting a dieters confidence is central to combating the yo-yo diet mentality. A simple and sincere compliment, like ‘have you lost weight?’(66%) or ‘you look great’ (53%) helps motivate 85% of dieters to stick to their weight loss regime.

More than a quarter of dieters (26%), said they lose motivation when their weight loss efforts go unnoticed. 

Shockingly the research also reveals that almost one in ten of us (9%) admit to actively encouraging a dieter to fall off the wagon. Furthermore, dieters are increasingly encountering the rise of the ‘compl-insult’ – a compliment that is intended to be an insult. The most common code words for fat were revealed as: ‘Well-nourished’ (37%); ‘Curvy’ (36%); ‘You’re looking well’ (33%)

Perhaps this explains why dieters are welcoming the attention of wolf whistles from strangers. More than half (54%) would like to be on the receiving end of a wolf whistle and 28% regard this as one of the biggest motivators to weight loss.

And it seems our lack of genuine compliments may be having a more serious impact on the resolve of New Year dieters in the UK. While many of us shrug off our New Year’s resolutions, this lack of commitment has harsher consequences for dieters. Half of the people feeling overweight said they will avoid going swimming, 1 in 5 refuse to socialise with new people because of their size and worryingly, 1 in 10 parents feel their size prevents them from taking part in activities with their children, demonstrating the far reaching consequences of being overweight.

Words by Katy Pearson

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