Spring is finally here and even though one of the longest winters is almost at its end few UK women will rejoice because it brings on their most hated springtime beauty chore - shaving their legs.

According to a new beauty poll by online beauty retailer Escentual.com, leg shaving comes top of a long list of most hated beauty chores with 35% of women despising this preening routine the most – and during a lifetime
British women spend 72 days doing this most hated task.

The average women spends four minutes removing the hair from their legs, six times a week which adds up to an incredible 21 hours every year. And now as the tights are put away as warmer spring weather approaches this weekend it’s going to be a necessary part of women’s weekly beauty regime all over again.

Escentual.com Beauty Editor Emma Leslie said: "Leg shaving was by far the most hated beauty chore for British women, but most women felt they could not go without doing it."

The second most detested beauty chore is hair styling, 17% said they hated having to do it but admitted spending 16 minutes every day teasing their locks into place which amounts to almost a year during their lifetime (294 days).

The third most hated beauty chore was plucking eyebrows (14%) which took 11 hours a year. Next was taking off make-up, which is hated so much by 6% of British women, that they simply refused to do it! The majority of women (68%) begrudgingly remove their make-up daily but two fifths remove their makeup twice a week at most.

Words by Katy Pearson