The average British woman spends a staggering £38,400 on beauty products in a lifetime, says a new study.

The research by discount shopping site shows just how much we are willing to pay to in order to get the perfect look.

On a daily basis, women use a range of make-up products including foundation, lipstick, blusher and mascara to the value of £85 on average. Many women also spend their money on luxury facials every month, costing around £25. With products being replaced every four months and the frequent use of facial treatments, this calculates to £640 per year and an amazing £38,400 during a lifetime.

Asked about the general pricing of make-up, 60% of women agreed that make-up is expensive but also said that this wouldn’t stop them from buying products. Over two thirds (67%) agreed that when they find a brand they like, they stick to it and do not try cheaper alternatives.

A spokesperson for commented: "It is amazing to break down all the costs and see how much women actually spend on make-up ever year. For a lot of women, spending money on cosmetics has become second nature to them."

Words by Katy Pearson