Despite warnings about the negative effect that sleeping in makeup can have on the skin, it appears that many women in relationships around the UK ignore this advice. mascara

A new poll by a memory foam mattress specialist has revealed that a quarter of women in the UK sleep in their makeup when with their partner due to ‘insecurity’.

Mascara is the most common makeup item left on during sleep, says the study conducted by 1,587 women aged 18 and over who were currently in relationships took part, answering questions relating to their sleeping habits.

The women taking part were asked, ‘Do you keep your makeup on when sharing a bed with your partner?’ to which one in four of the respondents, 26%, said yes.  Some 6% of the women taking part claimed to do the same when sleeping alone.

Those who admitted to sleeping in their makeup when with their partner were asked why they did so. Over half, 53%, claimed that they kept their makeup on when sleeping due to ‘insecurities’ about their looks; 28% simply admitted that they wanted to ‘look good for their partner.’ 9% claimed that they ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to remove their makeup before bed.

A huge 95% of the women who kept makeup on when going to sleep with their partner admitted that they kept this a secret from their partner. 45% even admitted that they openly lied to their partner, claiming to have taken their makeup off before bed.

The most common makeup products left on by women in the UK when going to bed with their partner are:

1) Mascara- 64%
2) Concealer- 55%
3) Foundation- 50%
4) Lipstick/ Gloss- 37%
5) Fake eyelashes- 35%

Words by Katy Pearson