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on Tuesday, 09 July 2013
Around 4.9 million people in the UK (10 per cent) are likely to risk scorching themselves in strong sun in an attempt to get a tan this summer, a survey by Cancer Research UK and NIVEA SUN has revealed.

People are so desperate for some sunshine that 44 per cent of those planning to travel abroad this summer say a good reason for leaving the country is to spend time somewhere sunny after the dismal weather in the UK. A third of those travelling abroad (31 per cent) said getting a tan was one of the reasons. And regardless of where they spend their summer, around 7.2 million people (14 per cent) say they are more determined to try to get tanned because of the bad weather in the UK over the last year.

The YouGov survey, which asked more than 4,100 UK adults (aged 18+) about their holiday plans and sun habits, was commissioned by Cancer Research UK and NIVEA SUN to highlight the importance of enjoying the sun safely.

The research showed that although 87 per cent of people are aware that too much sun exposure is the main cause of skin cancer, some still aren’t taking the necessary precautions to avoid sunburn and enjoy the sun safely.

Only 65 per cent plan to use sunscreen of at least factor 15 this summer and only 36 per cent say they always spend some time in the shade when they are abroad and in strong sun.

The number of people being diagnosed with skin cancer has risen dramatically since the 1970s, and malignant melanoma is now the 5th most common cancer in the UK (2010).

Yinka Ebo, Cancer Research UK senior health information officer, said: “We know it’s been tough getting through the long winter, especially when last summer was such a wash out. But it’s still important to avoid getting sunburnt when it finally makes an appearance. We all need some sun to make vitamin D for healthy bones, but overexposure to the sun’s rays can cause sunburn, which is a sign that the DNA in your skin cells has been damaged. Not only can this cause premature ageing and wrinkles it increases the risk of skin cancer.

“That’s why we’ve teamed up with NIVEA SUN to encourage people to enjoy the sun safely this summer. Whether home or abroad, when the sun is strong, it’s important to use a combination of shade, clothing and at least SPF 15 sunscreen to protect yourself and your family.”

For sun safety information from Cancer Research UK visit

One in Four Women Sleep with Makeup on in the Presence of their Partner

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on Wednesday, 03 July 2013
Despite warnings about the negative effect that sleeping in makeup can have on the skin, it appears that many women in relationships around the UK ignore this advice. mascara

A new poll by a memory foam mattress specialist has revealed that a quarter of women in the UK sleep in their makeup when with their partner due to ‘insecurity’.

Mascara is the most common makeup item left on during sleep, says the study conducted by 1,587 women aged 18 and over who were currently in relationships took part, answering questions relating to their sleeping habits.

The women taking part were asked, ‘Do you keep your makeup on when sharing a bed with your partner?’ to which one in four of the respondents, 26%, said yes.  Some 6% of the women taking part claimed to do the same when sleeping alone.

Those who admitted to sleeping in their makeup when with their partner were asked why they did so. Over half, 53%, claimed that they kept their makeup on when sleeping due to ‘insecurities’ about their looks; 28% simply admitted that they wanted to ‘look good for their partner.’ 9% claimed that they ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to remove their makeup before bed.

A huge 95% of the women who kept makeup on when going to sleep with their partner admitted that they kept this a secret from their partner. 45% even admitted that they openly lied to their partner, claiming to have taken their makeup off before bed.

The most common makeup products left on by women in the UK when going to bed with their partner are:

1) Mascara- 64%
2) Concealer- 55%
3) Foundation- 50%
4) Lipstick/ Gloss- 37%
5) Fake eyelashes- 35%

Words by Katy Pearson

Discover Dielle

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The powder room
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on Thursday, 27 June 2013
Here at The Lady, we have two techniques which are proven to instantly lift our spirits: 1) buy fresh flowers for the office and 2) spend 10 minutes painting our nails. Take our word for it: if you inject a little bit of colour and prettiness into your day, things instantly seem perkier.

A new discovery for us is the wonderful Dielle range of nail colours. Not only are they vibrant, durable and quick-drying (crucial when you're painting your nails at your desk!), they also have lovely mood-boosting names such as 'hopeful sky' and 'spring promise'.

What's even better is that Dielle are currently offering 30% off all nail colours until 14 July 2013. Simply visit and enter the code DSUMMER13 at the checkout.

It's true that money can't buy you happiness, but you can get a little bit of bliss on a budget...

Mirror, Signal, Mascara...

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The powder room
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on Tuesday, 25 June 2013
Almost half of women admit applying make-up when they are driving - most commonly at traffic lights or when they are in a jam, according to a new poll. And 43% say they put on their slap in their cars on the daily commute even though they know it is wrong. A further 42% say they use their car's rear-view mirror to adjust their make-up.

Time pressures are blamed for commuters' last-minute beauty top-ups - with the majority of women admitting they don't get out of bed until the last minute. The results came in a survey of 1,000 women by leading Harley Street clinic Debra Robson LDN, the UK's premier semi-permanent make-up brand.

Insurers estimate that as many as 450,000 accidents a year are caused by women drivers being distracted while applying cosmetics. Yet only 14% said that using make-up in the car had an adverse effect on their driving, according to the poll. Most women say they top up their make-up during the daily commute.

It's not so much a case of Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre as Mirror, Signal, Mascara with nearly half of women (46%) saying they apply make-up while driving. More than six out of ten (63%) put on make-up on the train and a further 43% on the bus.

The most popular make-up products applied by commuters are: lip gloss (chosen by 35%), mascara (30%), lipstick (25%), bronzer (6%) and eyeliner (4%). The last minute rush is caused by women staying in bed too long. Almost half of women (51%) say they almost always leave it till the last minute before getting out of bed before work. That leaves them with less time to put on their slap at home. A fifth (21%) are so rushed they spend just five minutes doing their make-up before work whereas 42% spend 10 minutes and 22% spend 20 minutes. Only 10% of women spend 30 minutes or more putting on their make-up before work. Just 5% of women don't wear make-up at work.

Debra Robson said: "We all know putting make-up on in the car is wrong - but nearly half of us do it.

"It's because most professional women do everything in a rush, particularly in the mornings when they are juggling a multitude of tasks.

"That's why so many women are finishing off their make-up routine on their daily commute - whether that is in the car or on the bus or the train.

"Faced with such time pressures, increasing numbers of women are trying semi-permanent make-up. It saves vital minutes in the mornings and means your make-up looks great from the moment you wake up."

To see more permanent make-up solutions log on to

Words by Katy Pearson

Sizzling in the sun

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The powder room
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on Thursday, 23 May 2013
A new survey from has revealed that a worrying 57% of Brits are wearing out of date sunscreen A further 56% admit they don’t apply sunscreen frequently enough, exposing themselves to life-threatening sun damage.

Every year, over 100,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with skin cancer and over 2,500 of those people lose their life as a result . Sun exposure is the main preventable cause of skin cancer.

Some 60% of people in the UK polled by supermarket Asda stated they find sun protection products overpriced. A quarter (26%) of those surveyed use old sunscreen, purchased over two years ago, which offers a fraction of the intended sun protection compared to when originally bought. And a shocking 9% of Brits admitted they never apply sun protection, exposing themselves to dangerous UV rays and putting themselves at high risk of developing skin cancer.

Asda supermarket has now launched a brand new campaign, ‘Don’t Get Burnt’, which will raise awareness of the importance of sun protection, the health risks associated with UV radiation from the sun and also challenge the Government to drive down the price of sun protection products.

British Skin Foundation spokesperson, Hermione Lawson added; “By the end of this summer, around 1,250 people in the UK will die from skin cancer. We support Asda’s ‘Don’t Get Burnt’ campaign to highlight the serious health risks posed from sun damage. What people often don’t realise is that skin cancer is largely a preventable disease, and along with clothing and shade, high factor sunscreen can help protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.”

Words by Katy Pearson

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