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The best crème brûlée in France
Paris Paris is celebrated for exquisite cuisine, so it stands to reason that its crème brûlée is something special. Indeed, the first recorded recipe for this famous dessert is from a cookbook published in 1691and penned by a cook at the city's...
The Lady Guide to Modern Manners: 18 September
Dear Thomas, We have several times been guests of some wealthy acquaintances at various holiday villas abroad. In an admittedly feeble attempt to repay their kindness (but all we can afford) we invited them to my husband’s 60th birthday, which is...
Discover The Home of The Titanic
Although the Titanic lies in 13,000 feet of water, the enduring story still captures minds and hearts throughout the world. To mark the anniversary, when a team led by American oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard and French diving engineer Jean-Louis...
Top Tips for Organising Your Home
Always label for easy retrieval - it is so important to use smart labeling methods around your home. If you label your items appropriately it will save you so much time and energy. Opt for multifunctional furniture as storage - is there an ottoman you...
Book Reviews: 7 August
OUT NOW INGLORIOUS: Conflict In The Uplands by Mark Avery (Bloomsbury, £16.99; offer price, £14.99) The ‘glorious’ 12th of August traditionally marks the start of the grouse-shooting season. But in 2014, it also followed the first ‘Hen Harrier Day’....
‘Ayo Gorkhali'
Alex and Joanna Six years have passed since Joanna Lumley stood on the steps of Parliament and proclaimed the notorious Gurkha battle cry: ‘Ayo Gorkhali!’ But her passion for the project remains undimmed, and she slips easily into an enthusiastic...
In a small Buckinghamshire village west of Aylesbury there stands a gargantuan monument to good taste. A monument so impressively stylised it wouldn’t look out of place in Renaissance France, which was of course Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild’s...
Wind beneath her wings
This July, Bette Midler will play a string of gigs across the UK, her first here since 1980. So why has she been away so long? Was it something we said? ‘No, no, no,’ insists Midler, who is perched on a sofa in a plush London hotel suite. ‘I wanted to...
Educating Rita
Like Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, Willy Russell’s Educating Rita is about a working-class woman bettering herself with the encouragement of an older man. There are, of course, differences, but strikingly both Eliza and Rita outstrip their mentors in terms...
‘I know I am rude. But it is fun’
Although Prince Philip has published a number of books, he does not plan to write an autobiography. ‘I don’t spend a lot of time looking back,’ he said in an interview on his 90th birthday. Consequently, we must build a portrait of him from what he...
Book Reviews: 26 June
OUT NOW The Weightless World by Anthony Trevelyan (Galley Beggar Press, £11; offer price, £9.90) When Steven Strauss sets off for Mumbai in pursuit of an antigravity machine, he assumes it exists only in the head of his boss, Raymond Ess. So does...
Becoming Marilyn
Blonde, buxom, with a trademark wiggle and a voice as soft as a whisper: this is the Marilyn Monroe we all know and the woman that millions have tried to emulate. Often seen as a victim, Monroe was in fact more ambitious, more involved and more in...
The Royals at Ascot
It is a sight that, once seen, is not often forgotten: Her Britannic Majesty and invited guests gliding down an expanse of freshly sodden race turf on a clear June day, to the sound of state trumpeters and view of four open landau carriages. Always...
A beginner’s guide to “New Opera”
There is a plethora of opera companies in and around the UK all putting on productions of familiar and well-loved operas by Puccini, Mozart and Verdi in venues ranging from pub theatres to the Royal Opera House itself. So why go to see new opera?...
Riviera Style: Resort & Swimwear Since 1900
With perfect timing, naturally, this bijou but packed exhibition of swimwear modes really does make you want to jet off to the south of France – as well as, in my case, recalling the earliest holidays beside calm Southend waves or the more belligerent...
The food of love
Hello. I’m back with my second book and lots more ideas, ingredients and recipes that I’m really excited about. There are just so many great vegetarian options that I want to share with you. When I was thinking about how to pull all these ideas...
Her life was in tatters that spring of 1926, but her clothes were spic and span. Finances might be on the brink, her party-going days behind her, but London beauty Heather Firbank, an Edwardian equivalent of a fashionista, couldn’t forget the remnants...
It’s hard to see how any production could outshine the movie, which made such an indelible impression, but here’s a new staging of Calamity Jane. Yet while it never quite soars to the heights of the cinematic original, there’s plenty to enjoy – not...
Are you afraid of the dark? What if you faced the prospect of spending the rest of your life in blackness? Not because of blindness, or some cruel punishment, but simply because retreating from the light is the only option you have left. Because your...
Can a machine ever truly think? It was a question pondered by Alan Turing – himself the subject of the recent Oscar-nominated film, The Imitation Game – in 1950, when he came up with a simple method for finding out. The Turing Test requires a human...

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Boarders Dormitory Master-Mistress
We are looking to appoint a Dormitory Mistress/Master for 5 nights per week, weekday evenings and nights only, term time. (35 weeks). [...]


Housekeeper to Headmaster
We have an opportunity for an experienced live-out housekeeper. You will provide a cleaning and hospitality service for the Headmaster and his guests and help to ensure the household runs efficiently. [...]


Full Time Housekeeper, Nanny
We are looking for a full time, live-out housekeeper/nanny. We are a relaxed young couple living in a large country house, and will have one newborn baby. [...]


Experienced Carer, Companion, Housekeeper needed
Our elderly mother needs a live in carer/companion on a part time basis. Must be warm hearted, calm & compassionate, with a good sense of humour. [...]


Cook, Housekeeper wanted
Good cooking skills required to cater for light meals for the Principal and a small staff, as well as occasional lunch/dinner parties. [...]




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