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The Diary of Miss Darcy Bustle: 11 November
Monday I never knew that dogs were supposed to clean their teeth. As my mummy died in childbirth, I missed out on some of those basic details, and even though I had lots of cuddles when I was a little puppy, nobody explained the small issue of dental...
Radio Review: 4 November
Back in the glory days of pop wireless, Tommy Vance used to bill himself as 'TV on the Radio', and there's a long history of television shows transferring to the senior medium, not least Steptoe and Son, One Foot in the Grave and What the Papers Say....
Radio Review: 28 October
Fifty years ago last week, thousands of tonnes of mining spoil, heaped up over several decades, slid down into a primary school in the Welsh village of Aberfan. The villagers knew it was a disaster waiting to happen, but no action was taken. Radio 2...
Radio Review: 21 October
Since the referendum, I’ve given phone-ins an even wider berth than I usually do. However, a chum told me in no uncertain terms that I should listen to 5 Live Daily’s (R5L, weekdays, 10am-1pm) coverage of the ‘killer clown’ business last week. The...
Radio Review: 14 October
Brian Blessed is far from meek, but I would feel quite happy if he did inherit the earth, particularly with the state it’s in at the moment. For all of his bellowing and bluster, he comes across as a benign soul. I’d be happy to take him as our global...
Home Help: 18 January
Over Christmas I visited a barn conversion that was very modern, but done in a very traditional way. New walls were made from lime plaster using pig fat. Ancient beams had been used from a dismantled barn from the same period. The owners wanted to use...
Radio Review: 7 October
Last week was an eventful one for BBC Radio. At Westminster Abbey, on Tuesday, 2,000 people gathered to pay tribute to Sir Terry Wogan, who died in January, while millions more listened live on Radio 2. Then, on Thursday, a couple of hundred people...
Radio Review: 30 September
See 'Noel Edmonds speaks to Dana the cat' here: It takes a lot to make me listen to Jeremy Vine (R2, weekdays, noon-2pm), but when he tweeted that Noel Edmonds would be comforting a distressed cat, I tuned in pronto. While I...
Radio Review: 23 September
In radio, presenters come and go, often brutally. The standard form is to sack the talent just after coming off-air, not allowing them to say goodbye to the listeners. Fair enough. If you’re running a seaside rock factory, you don’t want miles and...
How do I make my CV stand out?
This is the question so many people ask; keen to ensure that their Curriculum Vitae (CV) catches the eye of a prospective employer. It is true that there are differing opinions on how to prepare a CV but it is universally accepted that a CV should be...
Radio review: 16 September
Today, as I was emerging from the arms of Morpheus (nice lad – doesn’t hog the duvet), Chris Evans played Year Of The Cat by Al Stewart as his Thursday morning ‘long song’. While it’s always a delight to hear, it runs 6:33. In radio, records of such...
Radio Review: 9 September
A few months ago, I found myself in The Briton’s protection in Manchester, one of the best pubs in the world, ordering an english whisky. Yes, you read right. An english single malt, distilled in Norfolk, and at a shade under 60% abv, it was warming to...
Radio Review: 2 September
Holidaying on the Suffolk coast recently, I couldn’t resist listening to my old favourites on local and regional radio from when I lived in the far east. I know I can do it online, but it’s not the same. So I had the joy of hearing Wally Webb reacting...
Radio Review: 25 August
Last Thursday evening, I found myself listening to Simon Evans Goes To Market (available on iPlayer), as the economic ramifications of death were discussed. Evans outlined the cost of cryogenic suspension, expressing disappointment that the...
Radio Review: 19th August
The world would be a much better place if, in moments of doubt, we all asked ourselves, ‘What would Alan Plater have said/done?’ His work is suffused with humanity, humour and kindness. Without ever being pious, Plater was a truly good person. It was a...
Radio Review: 12th August
I heard recently from impeccable sources that Radio 2 management had been thinking about giving Brian Matthew his cards. One rumoured option was to replace him, doubtless with a celebrity who’d never presented a radio show before in their life; another...
Radio Review: 29th July
Looking back over the history of British comedy, I am forced to conclude that Peter Jones doesn’t get anywhere near the level of love and praise he’s due. If his only contributions to the genre were his years in Spike Milligan’s demented repertory...
Radio Review: 22 July
There’s something in the air. Uncertainty and fear loom large. There is a feeling that either we’re on the brink of something or we’ve already gone over the edge and not realised it. The scariest part of all is that nobody really knows where all of it...
Radio Review: 15 July
Having raved about both in these pages, it was delightful to hear Danny Baker calling into Iain Lee’s talkRADIO show last week (weekdays, 10pm-1am). A fairly drunken Baker at that, or, as he would say, ‘nicely alight’. ‘I’ve had a couple or three in...
Radio Review:8 July
Four years ago, I left East Anglia for the West Country, leaving behind BBC Radio Norfolk, one of the best BBC local stations in the country, if not the best. Certainly the ratings indicate a high level of listener satisfaction. In the dark old days...

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