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Radio Review: 4 March
Gilbert O’Sullivan has been all over the wireless lately. He turned up on Danny Baker’s Saturday morning show (R5L, Saturdays, 9am), the host’s genuine love for his music shining through every question. Baker is at his best when talking to someone he...
Radio Review: 26 February
It’s easy to take the senses for granted. Those of us fortunate enough to have sight avoid walking into walls because we can see them in front of us. Being blind, 10-year-old Ethan Loch from Bonnybridge in Scotland has no such advantage. He is,...
Radio Review: 19 February
It seems that anybody who's anybody in the violin world favours a Stradivarius, but are these rare and valuable instruments the only serious choice? This was one of the questions asked by Verity Sharp in The Instrument Makers, a welcome entrant to the...
In search of miracle cures
The Eldest Daughter came home from University asking if I had read the email she sent about a miraculous piercing that prevents migraines. It’s called a Daith piercing, and goes through the cartilage of the ear, at an acupressure point. A quick visit...
Radio Review: 12 February
Even people who know a bit about jazz tend to assume that Take The A Train was a Duke Ellington composition. But his signature tune was composed by the Duke’s loyal collaborator Billy Strayhorn. Having missed its first transmission in 2014, I was...
Book Review: 5 February
OUT NOW WHEN BREATH BECOMES AIR by Paul Kalanithi (The Bodley Head, £12.99; offer price, £10.99) At the age of 36, Kalanithi was on the brink of a brilliant career. After studying literature at Stanford University, he had spent 11 years training to be...
Radio Review: 5 February
It’s hard not to feel incredibly sorry for Robin Colvill of comedy group The Grumbleweeds. In the days when a good Jimmy Savile impersonation guaranteed regular work for a mimic, Colvill was hands down the best. Colvill’s still performing, but a...
Radio Review: 29 January
I believe I’ve mentioned my disdain for people who call radio phone-ins before. In summary, anyone who considers phoning in should be discouraged, if not banned, from doing so. I recently heard one caller say ‘This is a tolerant nation’ before...
Radio Review: 22 January
I’ve got a format for Radio 4. Get a group of experts in to talk about a subject, and have a bored-sounding man ask them questions that would seem a bit woolly coming from a mildly curious toddler. If you think they’d never commission it, haven’t I...
Radio Review: 15 January
Barry Humphries seems to have chosen an odd way to drum up publicity for his new Radio 2 series, Barry’s Forgotten Musical Masterpieces (Wednesdays, 10pm). He was reported as saying that male-to-female transgender people are merely ‘mutilated men’. The...
Radio Review: 8 January
It was my considerable pleasure to be asked to speak at a Lady literary lunch just before Christmas. Searching for a theme, I decided to dip into my favourite anecdotes from the history of broadcasting. Many of these concern Lord Reith, the first...
Radio Review: 1 January
Annoyingly, I found out about Radio 4’s June Whitfield: 90 Not Out (available on iPlayer) only after the Christmas triple issue of The Lady had gone to press, otherwise I’d have mentioned it in my round-up. It turned out to be one of the highlights of...
Top Tips: How to add some vintage style to your Christmas
Christmas is the perfect time to have fun with vintage – both in decorating your home or giving original gifts. The point about vintage is that it brings originality and interest to Christmas decorating. We are bombarded with sameness and sets of...
Christmas Radio
It’s Frank Sinatra’s world, we just live in it, as the saying goes. So, with the centenary of his birth on 12 December, perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that he’s taking over Radio 4 Extra for A Frank Sinatra Christmas. Among the treats on offer...
Radio Review: 4 December
It’s said that you should never meet your heroes, but in my experience that’s rubbish. Many years ago, I found myself in the same room as Angela Morley, the musical genius who had composed the Hancock’s Half Hour theme and provided all the music for...
Radio Review: 27 November
There’s nothing more worthless than an insincere apology, and I don’t believe that Iain Lee, whose BBC Three Counties I raved about a few weeks back, really meant it when he said sorry over a heated interview with a lobbyist from an outfit called...
Radio Review: 20 November
Clive James is a man of many parts. Stop sniggering at the back. Most are well known, but how many people realise he’s a pop lyricist of distinction? Of course, it helps that his words have been set to music so brilliantly by his close friend Pete...
Radio Review: 13 November
The Today prog closed with a touching tribute to beloved former Radio 4 chief announcer Peter Donaldson when he died last week. His reassuring, authoritative tones had been chosen for the recorded message to be played if the balloon ever went up. ‘Stay...
Radio Review: 6 November
One of the things you don’t get with digital radio is overseas stations drifting in and out of audibility. This is a shame for we anoraks. As a child, I tried to work out where the foreign language transmissions I picked up had come from. When I was a...
Virginia Woolf knew the value of a good upstairs downstairs drama. She wrote about her cook, Nellie, for example, ‘I should seize with greed upon the portrait of Nelly [sic] & make a story – perhaps make the whole story revolve around that.’ And so it...

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