On a very slightly chilled Wednesday morning I bustled into Peggy Porschen with blogger Jade Warnes with only one mission on our minds- to try the new selection of Halloween treats and delicacies at Peggy Porschen!

Located in Ebury Street, Belgravia, Peggy’s pink cloud of sugar heaven is probably the most Instagrammable venue in London whilst each season the shops forefront is decorated to suit the season.

I have to say you are never disappointed at Peggy’s. I have visited in all seasons and all weathers and always take family and friends as a treat. Their staff are always impeccable (I adore their uniforms!) and have great cakes and beautiful displays- no wonder they have 147 thousand followers online!

For Halloween we were greeted by a cascade of purple pastel pumpkins and flowers around the doors. Inside they had hung up biscuits in wrapping as well as Halloween décor which still went with their gorgeous pink surroundings. We also were introduced to their new tea, Sugar Plum, which was a purple delight of warm fruitiness. I also tried the Rose tea which is a classic and is made with real tiny rosebuds which are very light and fragrant in taste.

We decided to try not one, but all of the Halloween range (what can I say? We had not eaten breakfast yet!) and got our eager hands on some bat biscuits, pumpkin skulls cupcakes and brightly coloured ghosts. These all came as individually wrapped biscuits with pink ribbon or boxes which are available to give to your loved ones. They even do a ‘Dia de Muertos’ layer cake which has a copper skull and dusky English florals perfect for a Halloween party or event. For those that are super creative and a fan of baking, they also sell stencils and have a pack of three aptly titled Boo! Scary face and Cobweb.

Of course me and Jade had lots to discuss as we had not seen each other for some time and in between taking our photos (which must have been at least a hundred and involved Jade perching high on a chair to get the perfect shot!) we were talking about all things fashion, beauty, career and what we had been up to of late. After our teas and cakes, we strolled through Belgravia ready to face our day and definitely ready to venture back to Peggy at least one more time before all those bat biscuits are gone!

The Peggy Porschen Halloween range is available until the 31st October.