by Annette Kellow

If you are anything like me, you try to include your dog in almost everything. This includes shopping, visiting friends, holidays and spontaneous beach trips. In fact in Britain we are so dedicated to our dogs that a whopping 74% of us will take our beloveds away with us on trips, holidays and excursions.

So imagine my delight on discovering Egerton House Hotel, a 5 star hotel designed with traditional style and elegance, which welcomes our four legged friends and serves a special doggy afternoon tea!

Set on a quiet tree-lined street in Knightsbridge overlooking peaceful gardens, it is the perfect home away from home, whilst being set on the doorstep of vibrant central London.
My friend Betsy arrived with her dachshund Frieda, whom my Yorkie dog Dorothy instantly covered in wet-nosed kisses. We were then introduced to a very smart looking red menu- but not just any menu, the dogs menu!

Inside the treats included bowl licking chicken, biscuits and doggy icecream as a three part meal – they even had their own water bowl, doggy mat and squeaky duck toy laid out.
This was all served in a tier of bright doggy bowls, which the dogs instantly began devouring!


Now that the dogs were fully occupied we received our own 'human' menu. A traditional English afternoon tea was served with cucumber sandwiches, salmon, coronation chicken, scones, lemon drizzle cake, Victoria sponge, Bakewell tart and Champagne! Wow! On seeing our chintz china and tea time delights we knew we were being utterly spoilt!

As the dogs were so intent on eating and playing they seemed to have forgotten all about us humans so we settled down to a lovely long chat with some deliciously fragrant tea, of which I picked my favourite Rose. The tea room itself has a very relaxing ambience with chic and luxurious décor, perfect to while away the afternoon in a quiet place but still in the hub of London. I also spied a few vintage and antique items giving it the perfect mix of style, glamour and elegance.

Indeed our waitress, Tunde, also loves to do photography and happily took our photos which the dogs couldn't concentrate on for more than two seconds with their food and toys taking up most of their attention!

I was also intrigued to be told by the waitress that the owner, Beatrice Tollman, adores dogs. She is a fan of dachshunds and passionate about hotels which is how the Red Carnation Hotels came to life with her husband Stanley Tollman. And life it most certainly is, with a warm friendly atmosphere and the most impeccable staff one could ever meet.

Egerton House Hotel, we will be back- and with our dogs too!