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Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Launch

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Wednesday, 26 July 2017
by Annette Kellow 

Although I love hair products, conditioning treatments and pampering my locks, I have a confession to make that sometimes it all goes out the window when I get busy. I do try to look after my hair to keep on top of the maintenance but it doesn't always happen, resulting in dry ends that have a tendency to frizz (not a good look I must admit!)

Last week was one of those moments. I had a hair cut booked but had to cancel because of work commitments and because of that, I felt like it wasn't looking it's best. So when I had the opportunity to attend Easton Regal Hair Salon for the launch of the new Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Micellar Cleansing Conditioners I meekly hoped there was something they could do.
I was greeted by a very friendly Gary Taylor, an award winning world champion in acclaimed hairdressing techniques and Schwarzkopf ambassador. After an in depth consultation he explained exactly how he was going to tame my wild tresses (there was light at the end of the tunnel after all!)

Gary informed me that BC Bonacure Cleansing Conditioner is a rotation of wash, otherwise known as a co-wash, and is a shampoo and conditioner in one, giving the hair a gentler yet perfected daily care. The co-wash regime enables the natural oils in the scalp to be restored using the Micellar Technology which lifts oils and dirt gently, transporting them through water. Because the hair is not being washed daily it doesn't strip the natural moisture of the hair and locks in natural shine.

It is also sulphate-free and is meant to be used every third wash, giving it the perfect blend of conditioning and cleansing.


As he washed my hair, the aroma smelt like a heavenly mix of botanical flowers and also didn't lather (a sign of less harsh chemicals and more goodness to the hair follicle).

I also loved the way he washed my hair! He explained the technique of moving around the scalp in a massage like motion which by using the product can help reverse three years of damage to the hair.

I certainly needed it being that I dye my hair often and use heated rollers with setting lotion on a regular basis!

Gary also informed me that the product is good for people who like to 'live their life, are busy and don't always have the time,' (a perfect description of my everyday movements then!) as the product is not meant to be used every single wash.

Next came the styling. He gave my hair a long wavy blow dry with soft curls and a side sweep. His technique on drying the hair using a rounded brush resulted in instant waves and I tried to take notes so I could copy him back at home.

He didn't use very much product (something I have found other hairdressers sometimes pile on but doesn't keep the hair so fresh). By keeping it lighter and letting the BC Bonacure Cleansing do the work it would ensure my hair stays softer and shiner for longer.

I certainly did feel much happier after the mini-makeover that Gary gave me and that using the co-wash at home would also keep the transformation and maintenance going for longer. I had never used this type of product before but BC Bonacure has definitely changed my mind about washing when your off being a busy bee, especially as it makes people look like they've spent hours on their hair!

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Conditoners are currently available from Schwarzkopf retailers and salons.
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Alexandria Imperiale Perfume Launch at Fortnum and Mason

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Monday, 17 July 2017
by Annette Kellow

There is nothing more exquisite than entering the prestigious Fortnum and Mason store. From the two suited footmen holding candlesticks as you arrive, to the freshly made confectionary and the rows upon rows of deliciously boxed champagne- I always say nothing bad can ever happen there!

This week I was cordially invited to the launch of Xerjoff's Alexandria Imperiale perfume exclusively made for Fortnum and Mason (very tempting to say Fortnum's and Mason's but apparently that is rather frowned upon!)

Arriving at the prompt hour of 8am I was immediately ushered in by a very regal looking red suited doorman. The best part of this was that no one else was in the store and I had a clear view of the wonderland. You could hear a pin drop whilst there was a sense of magic in the stillness (and also the temptation to run around and go on a massive shopping spree).

I went up to the perfume floor to be greeted by the brand ambassador Costas, who looked and notably, smelt divine. He instantly took me on a mini-tour of the Xerjoff brand.
Alexandria Imperiale is a couture perfume created by Sergio Momo which has beautiful hints of rose, lavander and cardamom. It comes from the Xerjoff brand which Sergio founded 10 years ago.


Alexandra Imperiale comes from the Oud Stars collection which is created with distinguished distillations and pure Oud from the plantations of Laos.

The extensive research and limited production of Oud Stars has been developed with the firm intention of creating a special luxurious creative collection, of this perfume emulates in abundance.

I also love that is quite a glamorous scent and Costa informed me the layering technique is often used with Xerjoff to create a profound long lasting essence.
Otherwise known as 'Fragrance cocktailing' it doesn't mean to start spritzing all your leftover perfumes on (as I imagined a new use for all my old ones that I'd chucked in the bottom of my drawer!) but creating a balanced fresh scent, which Costa is highly trained in.


And please can we just talk about the bottle! Encasing a fusion of nature, passion and artistry, the gold leaf style sweeping lid and beautiful burgundy bottle give it the allure of a jewel amongst treasure.

After a little layering, it was time for some feasting. Fortnum and Mason laid out the most beautiful spread including fruit granola, pain au chocolate, hot cross buns, juices and coffee which of course I heartily indulged in. I can see why Fortnums food department has been raved about since 1738 and rumour has it even the Royal family are fans.

I couldn't resist trying it all and when Costa noticed me nibbling he said, 'Darling your having so much fun eating, if I ate that much I would have to wear two pairs of Spanx!'

I probably should have listened to him but at least I was wafting with delicious Xerjoff perfume- so I suppose all was not lost.
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Dukes Picnic; A Quintessentially English Affair

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 29 June 2017
by Annette Kellow

What could be more summery than a delicious picnic Hamper, a very sunny green park and scotch eggs galore? Add champagne and your best friend into the mix and there is not much else that could top a perfect summers evening.
This week I had the pleasure of being invited to what can only be described as a very quintessentially English affair by the historic Dukes Hotel.

Winner of Worlds Leading Classic Hotel at the World Travel Awards, since 1908 the Hotel stands on one of the most historic areas of St. James and they have recently introduced summer picnic hampers to their award winning menu.

The hotel has been a favourite of both the Queen Mother and Diana, Princess of Wales, and the Royal connection is still strong, with the hotel's emphasis on tradition being one of its biggest draws.

The Dukes Picnic Hamper is specifically targeted as a luxurious service. Indeed on arrival we were greeted by a very friendly butler who had impeccably organised everything for us, from the plates to the food to the oh-so important blanket (of which I had a mild panic en route as I realised I didn't bring one for my friend and I!)

I was joined by best friend and fellow chatterbox Millicent who was in need of some relaxation after she had been working solidly for 8 hours!

Expecting to have to walk across Piccadilly to get to the Park, we were delighted when our lovely butler slipped us through a Dickens style alley tucked behind the hotel, straight in to the lush grass of Green Park. He even had our spot perfectly picked out (under a tree, near the walkway and not too near other people).


Often with picnics you expect to be slightly comatose after eating as they are often filled with copious amounts of bread, cakes and general naughtiness but we were delighted to see our picnic was healthy indulgence!

Poached Loch Duart Salmon, New potato salad with tarragon mustard and chickpea salad with cucumber, feta and mint. Also chicken brochettes, Chorizo & goat's cheese scotch eggs and British artisan cheese with chutney and oak cakes- it was all too good! We popped the cork of our bottle of champagne and got straight down to the business of having a good natter.

As it was a warm summers evening there was lots of people also relaxing close by and my dog Dorothy took it upon herself to go and introduce herself to as many people as she could, on one condition- that she could roll over and they would stroke her. After doing that to at least four separate groups, then running around like a mad thing, she took a stick over to a man who was asleep and woke him up by putting it on his chest! This was followed by then rummaging around our chicken leftovers and running off with part of a scotch egg. Clearly she had not read her Debretts handbook of etiquette that day, so we had to constantly rescue her from mischievous scenarios much to everyone else's amusement!

Luckily our champagne bubbles combined with warm summers air made it quite a breeze and followed by our lemon posset to finish, it was exactly what one would expect from a beautiful summers evening- A quintessentially English affair.

Dukes Picnic Hampers are available throughout the summer and can be booked at 0207 318 6574
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Churchill Film Celebration at the War Rooms

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Monday, 19 June 2017
by Annette Kellow

It has been 28,161 days since Churchill was in power but his strong beliefs and iconic quotes are still in full force, putting the Great in Great Britain. This week Churchill the film will be released by Lionsgate and in celebration I was invited to a pre-release talk at the War Rooms in Parliament.

My first thought was, how vintage! I love 1940s history and have always been in marvel at Chruchills defiant attitude throughout the war.

On arrrival I was ushered downstairs into the map room, the most secret of all the rooms in the building. Inside were secret decoding telephones, maps with pins to mark incoming boats and some sugar cubes which he kept in a hanky at the back of his drawer.

Surely they couldn’t be real and have lasted all this time? I was assured they were and that Churchill always used all of his sugar rations but forgot these two!

As we went through to his bedroom, we were informed that maps were his favourite. So obsessed was he that he even had one erected opposite his bed to study at a moments notice should he need to. One of the other writers on tour with us was also very keen on maps and was looking in detail. As there was a table in front he decided to kneel down to check out Australia, then he accidenly kicked Churchills bedpan- I was in fits of giggles imagining what Churchill would have said at that!


Churchill was not only a very clever man but incredibly private and knew how to keep a secret. As we walked along another corridor we were shown a door with an ‘engaged’ sign on it. Assuming it was a lavatory we were corrected that Churchill would pretend it was but secretly take calls in there to the White House. The etiquette of someone standing outside a toilet would have been frowned upon so he would be left well alone to discuss important affairs- although people may have wondered why he was spending so much time in there!

As we entered another part of the war rooms there was a large quote on one wall-

‘We are all worms but I believe I am a glow worm.’

Although Churchill suffered from dark depression he also loved humour and after watching a pre-screening of Brian Cox taking on the role of the great leader, I realised he was also rather glamourous too.

He loved Savile Row suits, chauffeur driven limousines, gold Breguet pocket watches, Pol Roger champagne and he always smoked 8 fine cigars a day.

The only guilty pleasure he indulged in was Red label Johnny Walker, apparently a cheap and accessible drink one, whilst he loved nothing better than to get up on the roof of Parliament and watch air raids with a little tipple.

We finished off the day at the HMS Belfast, the grande ship currently docked at London Bridge which Churchill had wanted to accompany the invasion forces on D-Day, but was dissuaded by the King under the terms it was not safe. The ship now sits on the Thames with a beautiful panoramic view of the city. I enjoyed touring the captains room and control centre whilst the sheer size of the 11’000 ton ship is to marvel at. Even now after 50 years of his death, I got the feeling Churchill was a determined, strong caring individual that cared deeply about his country and as he famously loved to say, ‘Attitude is a little thing that always makes a very big difference.’

Churchill by Lionsgate is currently showing at cinemas now.
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A Day at Bicester Village

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 16 June 2017
by Katrina Schollenberger have recently partnered up with Debrett’s and Bicester Village to bring readers a series of style tips for a variety of occasions on the social calendar. From Henley Regatta to Ascot to the RHS Flower Show, Debrett’s guide readers through dress code, while Bicester Village offers a world of discounted designer goods to select outfits from.

I was invited to Bicester Village to experience a day of luxury shopping first hand. Bicester, just North West of Oxford, is 45 minutes by train from London. Bicester Village, truly a designer brand haven, offers up to 60% on names like Gucci, Prada, Dolce and Gabana, Dior and more. Even high-end high-street brands like All Saints and Calvin Klein are featured, with some new season pieces hidden amongst the racks. 

The village is utterly pristine, with manicured hedges, modern décor and fun pop-ups around every turn. Staff in uniform are happy to help with any questions you may have about shops or train times. I had anticipated to have a browse around the shops and not spend any money, but I ended up spending a total of five hours browsing the selection of goods. I was astonished at the difference in retail price and the prices Bicester village were offering, it almost didn’t seem plausible! Each shop had everything from shoes and accessories to dresses, skirts, trousers and coats, I felt I had to truly scour every last corner.

IMG 43561

Just before I headed to lunch at Bicester Village’s Farm Shop, I purchased a fabulous red Gucci cross body bag, with navy and red stitching and a golden Gucci bee applique. I saved £240 on what the bag would have originally cost, and I was completely in love. I headed to Farm Shop with a big smile on my face before enjoying a roast chicken, lettuce and aioli sandwich accompanied by fries and salad.  Farm Shop offers fantastic options for lunch and dinner, and stays open until 10pm for late shoppers.

I did a little more light shopping at Calvin Klein and Kenzo before heading home. Shoppers are able to leave their bags with staff in a secure area should their purchases be a little heavier to carry around. I sat in the Bicester Village lounge with water and relaxed on a luxurious comfortable sofa before a staff member gave shoppers a 5 minute train warning. All in all, it was a day of shopping that couldn’t possibly be surpassed!
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