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Dating Schools

Posted by Mum About Town
Mum About Town
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on Friday, 01 May 2015
I know we're not allowed to talk about it. I know that - along with tutors and scholarships and everything else in between – the whole damn subject is COMPLETELY taboo. However 'horses for courses' and 'go with the flow' are all very well in theory but I do need to tell you how I put 2 and 2 together and BING! right there and then I had my not-so-academic revelation....

In fact, it was while I was touring a possible senior school for our Mini that this award-winning realization hit me. You see, I'm approaching school-hunting much as I did (all those years ago) when I might have been husband-hunting. And THIS is sure to be the reason why my emotions around secondary school viewings are proving a little leftfield. I'll give you an example: I never could dig those men who couldn't look me in the eye – especially if their hands dug around in their pockets. Nor could I date the smarmies, the intellects and... what a utterly hideous turn off those A grades could be. No. Absolutely not. I was looking for someone properly fun, definitely not stupid and more than able to handle any social situation I might fling in their direction.

And – as it transpires - that's what I'm looking for when considering our Smalls and their education – at large. Yet instead I am find myself faced with exam factories, overly-keen teenagers, pushy parents and droves of stressed out over-achievers. I just can't fancy that.

Curriculum vitae

Posted by Mum About Town
Mum About Town
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on Wednesday, 08 October 2014
A momentous occasion, my lovely readers. As, after more than a decade, I just wrote my curriculum vitae.  So, what does that tell you?  Well, let’s start at the beginning.  Oh hang on, I couldn’t actually remember the beginning of my career, it’s so long ago.  Besides, twenty years ago I was transcribing from a Dictaphone and I don’t really need anyone to know THAT.

Mini is away this week and with only Small at home, I’m spying on the future.  A couple of years away from latch-key-kids, I reckon I’m entirely entitled to a future career... Perhaps even one which is office-based.  All those years ago, I gave it all up for nappies and dribble so god knows I’ve been patient enough for this.

But I’m finding it hard to assess my options with a number of ideas (some of which are clearly ludicrous) and long-term dreams floating around my head.  It’s a struggle to lay down newly-acquired skills onto one piece of sectioned A4 paper.  So today I’m wondering how many other mums are in the same boat? Secondary school children I presume implies less hands on parenting is required, but just how redundant should we feel?  In reality, how appealing are ‘returners’ to the corporate work force?  And should we take a job beneath our skill set just to wedge that foot back in the door?

As is the way with this parenting lark, an embarrassing number of unanswered questions, but at least the C.V. is now written should anyone ask for it… 

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