Smart people sometimes say silly things which make you ponder. Like Albert Schweitzer who won the Nobe Peace prize in 1953 and stated, "The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats..."

Life is not always miserable and for all I kmow, cats may make some lives more, or less miserable, but other smart people, who study the effects of music, time and again, conclude it's great benefits.

Musical trianing doesn't just affect your musical ability, it provides tremendous benefits to children's emotional and behavioural maturation.

James Hudziak and his research team at the Univeryity of Vermont College of Medicine, "...found that the more a child trained on an instrument, the more it accelerated cortical organization in attention skill, anxiety management and emotional control."

Music develops phsycial skills, enhancing co-ordination and timing; cultivates social skills by problem solving; boosts self esteem when students learn to give and receive feedback; introduces children to other cultures; and, as music and maths are intertwined, it helps with academic pursuits.

In short, musical training actually helps kids become more well-rounded.

It's always a good idea to discuss with your child what instrument they like before you sign them up for lessons. If nothing else, it may make the routine of practise more palatable.

And as they set off on their musical adventure, perfecting the sound of a screeching feline, you can feel assured that the pain in your ear drums is all for the greater good. Even if it's mostly theirs.

Listening to music can also provide a great aid to both calming behaviour and physical wellbing. Athough you'll need to monitor what type of music and how often they listen, it may help to increase a chld's productivity.

A couple of tips; start early as childrens' brains absorb sounds before they're able to make sense of them. And vary what you offer. Music stimulates, it distracts from pain, soothes a soul, aids in concentration, and it's simply wonderful when you find a song or a melody that speaks to you.

Whether like me, you consider music a language to connect us all, the world of music is infinite, like the possibilites which lay before each child. It can only help no matter if it's Mozart or Madonna, as they both have their place and their delight.