What scares you?  I’ve decided that the oddest things scare me.  Losing my house keys, forgetting to pick up the Smalls from school and a packed-up washing machine are up there in my fear list.  But the eblola virus?  I’m just not sure that this is quite keeping me awake at night.

Someone sneezed in the Post Office queue this morning and within seconds a Daily Mail-purist granny in front of me began her ‘West African we’re all going to die’ rant.  But she’s not the only one.  Many a mum has questioned my thoughts on the killer virus and we even got a letter from the headmistress detailing Mini’s school protocol.

Of course, it’s not pleasant. It’s beyond hideous and it is dangerous too. But is it close enough to actually scare me?  It seems that the Boston Emirates passengers are not necessarily contaminated and so this news story is likely to be yet another (thank god) false alarm.  So, my views here are simple – let’s not over-hype the epidemic.  Health professionals and scientists are doing all they can to work out how to control and cure the virus and, while they do, perhaps don’t book that family holiday to Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, there’s a HUGE spider in my downstairs toilet…