I fully expect blaring music with a thumping base once our Smalls are teenagers. But, seeing as we have a few years until then, I’m not quite ready to be dictated to on the music front. In fact, I strongly believe that until they can drive, I should be sole controller of the music on the school run. And Absolute Radio is my FINAL decision, simply because those in my cheap-seats don’t know too many of their song lyrics.

You see, Mini quite fancies herself as an up-and-coming pop star. Not only is there a fair amount of hairbrush-mic going on, but she also tends to use lyrics from her favourite songs in response to my morning demands.

‘Sit down next to your brother and have your breakfast, please,’ I request
‘That boy is a monster, m-m-m-monster,’ (Lady Gaga) she responds.

And then at the school gates,
‘Goodbye darling, have a great day.’
‘Baby, let me be your, let me be your last first kiss’ (One Direction.)

For her 10th birthday (which by the way is a whole 6 months away), she’s decided she would rather like to go to her first concert. Capital Radio’s Jingle Bell Ball? She suggested. I corrected her – it’s Brixton Academy or nothing. Until she’s old enough to get there on her own.

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