‘What are you going to write about today, Mummy?’ I was asked on the school run this morning.

‘Darling, I have no idea.  Any suggestions?’ I questioned the back seat.

‘I think you should write about God’ the boy flavour replied.

‘Oh… really?  It’s just that religious writing isn’t my thing’ I quickly explained before he got in too deep.

‘Just write about what you would say to God if you ever met him’, the girl flavour added.

And that got me thinking. In a (clearly) make-believe world, what on earth (sorry – bad pun) I would say to the big man upstairs should we ever get together… especially bearing in mind my slightly atheist tendencies.

Well, I suppose I’d probably check on Grandma first.  Knowing exactly how she likes her cup of tea and smoked salmon sandwiches, it would be a perfect moment to check standards were up-to-scratch.  Next I would aim to strike some sort of accord with the chief.  If ever there were a tactical bond, this would be it. We would get on famously, I’m sure.

The Smalls brought me back to reality as they went on to inform me how incredibly fluffy his home is and just how easy it is to jump from cloud to cloud.  

And then we pulled up at the school gates.  Just like that they had added divine magic to my day.

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