Are you a sharer? A partial sharer? Or maybe an over-sharer? In our social dominant world, it feels imperative we fit into one of these rigidly defined categories.

For example: He's not a sharer. Private remains under lock and key and He finds the world of over sharing a little ludicrous, but (thank goodness) in a non-judgmental way.

I suppose he has to – while still married to me. He's grown to accept that I'm an over-sharer because, even before social media was an integral part of my work as well as more-leisurely life, I couldn't help myself. Intricate operations, deepest darkest feelings, property purchases and silly tales of family life were spread far and wide. With EVERYONE.

And then came along a number of platforms where I could draw, snap and describe in words ... indiscreetly. Over-sharing me couldn't have more satisfied. Of course, I'm not alone. Social media is awash of people like me and, while mostly the others don't give a damn, there are always those who whine - perhaps as they try to share but can't.

Pushed to explain to the Smalls, I rationalize that these social playground antics are my escapism and that, in reality, no one is really any smugger than the next. Crafting, editing, dreaming... none of this is really about seeking approval or counting those likes. In a nutshell, it's just like drawing a picture or writing a story before seeing it (proudly) up on the classroom wall.