I recently wrote an article for a magazine about my love of paper. It wasn't until I started typing that I realized just how intense my love is. A book before it is opened. An unscathed sheet of textured watercolour paper. Even a glossie magazine with a clean spine.

But then I grabbed a notebook (there's always a pile here on my desk ready to crack open) and my new Palomino Blackwing pencil (look them up... beyond...) and decided to note down my paper passion over one given day.

My paper diary with yellow matching ribbon, greetings cards (usually homemade alongside Mini), notes in meetings, lists at home and rolls of brown paper and string to wrap the never-ending stream of presents leaving this house.

My impulse book purchase on Amazon is already an addiction. But I also can't resist a newspaper in a coffee shop. Plus the paper certainly doesn't have to be new. Old, yellowed vellum in a dusty shop is just as delightful.

I suddenly started to panic. Where would the Rotering ink, Pritt stick and digital prints fix themselves if we had no paper. Orbiting aimlessly around our heated screens and furious keyboards? So, don't let anyone tell you we're ever going paperless. Not without kicking and screaming from my camp...