Last Saturday night He and I were suited and booted at a swish party, the type where you swan around chatting and standing and chatting and standing, in heels.  And just when I was (finally) mid conversation with someone I hadn’t seen for ages, there was a huddle, a shuffle and a magician appeared.

The music was loud so I couldn’t hear a word of his preamble, but I could predict the fast chatter as he shuffled his cards.  The rest of the semi circle looked as keen as mustard to see his tricks so I played along…

…right up until the moment He bent down and hissed in my ear: ‘why are you ALWAYS so rude to magicians?’

I hadn’t really realised that I was rude.  I mean, there was the time I obnoxiously challenged one of the Magic Circle and, of course, I have been known to ‘change my card’ mid-trick just to throw the trickster off track.  I suddenly acknowledged just how much I do dislike those magic people - the ‘artists’ who excel in fooling common people.

The smarmy quick-fingered exhibitionist took the card I chose and seemingly lost it in the pack.  And then – low and behold, there it is in his tight trouser pocket.  Nothing about that impresses me.  All I feel is extreme control-freak irritation.

And that’s the key, isn’t it?  Who wants to be taken for a fool?  The man standing before me last Saturday night probably knew what was in my evening bag, what I was thinking and when I last had sex.  All of which I find uncomfortable.  

However, I do have a suggestion for the magicians of today.  Do divulge a little of your technique and share with us just one bit of your magic before you move on to make more fools.  That way, those fools might admire you a little more.