Have you ever realised just how much you can’t tell the under 10s? A fair amount you can, of course, re-word. For example, the world wars can be simplified into goodies and badies. 9/11 was caused by some mad, mad people. Burglars are Robin Hood. Mostly. But there’s one whole lorry load of bad smelling stuff that you simply can’t ever explain.

This morning Absolute Radio won the vote (from the back seat) for the school run. We rocked along to the Killers (in theme with the above paragraph) and squealed with the delight at the weather forecast. Then came the news. And now Small is fixated on the missing airplane.

I mean why wouldn’t he be? It’s beyond curious.

‘How can a plane take off and never land? Where is it now? Aren’t the people on board hungry? Are they there yet?

How on earth can I answer these questions? Nine nations have now joined the attempt to find this Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that disappeared. 239 people left Kuala Lumpur on Friday and now there is no sign of any of them.

If anyone knows any answers my 8-year-old son could stomach, do come forward. Meanwhile I have tried to interest him in the 34 aircraft and 40 ship search mission.

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