“Smile!” says Belle to her older sister. Bee, caught unawares, looks blank and slightly confused, whiles Belle stares, blinks and says ‘click’.

“Hang on,” says Belle, standing still and going a bit cross eyed as she tries to look inside her own brain, “I’m going to have to do it again, the flash didn’t go off.”

She repeats the stare and blink, this time shining a small keyring light in Bee’s eyes when she says click.

“Hey!” says Bee, now temporarily blind. “What are you doing?”

“It’s my photogothic memory,” explains Belle, “I was taking a picture of you.”

I hold in a snigger. (I’ve heard this is what good parents do.)

“Do you even know what a photogothic memory is?” asks Bee.

“Yes, of course,” says Belle, “it’s when you take a picture in your mind.”

“Of what,” says Bee, “churches?”

“People in black?” I suggest, casually.

“No,” says Belle, oblivious to our teasing, “it’s anything. I can just take a picture of anything I like, wherever I am. So watch out Bee, the camera is on you all the time!”

There you have it – all you emo kids had better watch out when Belle is around, you never know what might get caught on photogothic film.