Women across the UK spend an average of £4,888 on makeup that’s completely the wrong colour for their skin-tone in a lifetime, says new research - and foundation and blusher are the worst culprits.

On average women in the UK waste £76.38 purchasing makeup in the wrong tone or colour every year; adding up to £4,888 in a lifetime.

Just over 2,000 women were polled in the study conducted by www.MyVoucherCodes.co.uk. 65% admitted to buying make-up that was the wrong shade, leaving them unable to wear it.

The top "wrong shade" makeup culprits were revealed as

1) Foundation- 55%
2) Blusher- 50%
3) Bronzer- 49%
4) Eye shadow- 33%
5) Lipstick- 32%

On average, each year women purchase 6 items in the wrong colour - with the average cost of each of these items being more than £12.

Yes - 75%
No - 25%