New research from an online bathroom retailer has revealed that two thirds of Britons use technological gadgets whilst in the bath, despite the risks of water damage.

And 1 in 10 admitted to having damaged electronic goods by dropping them in the bath water accidently.

The study, conducted by, polled 1,241 adults from around the UK as part of ongoing research into bathroom habits. The study asked, ‘Do you ever use technological equipment whilst in the bath tub?’ to which 67% said ‘yes’.

The survey then looked at the gadgets most commonly used in the bath.

The top 5, as revealed by the poll, was:

1. Smartphone- 71%
2. eReader - 54%
3. Tablet - 47%
4. iPod - 42%
5. Handheld games consoles - 31%
(respondents could select more than one answer if they used more than one gadget in the bath)

The most common bathtub activities involving gadgets, were:

1. Keeping up to date with social media - 57%
2. Speaking on the phone - 52%
3. Texting - 49%
4. Reading novels - 46%
5. Listening to music - 41%
6. Playing games - 38%
7. Watching videos - 33%
8. Keeping up to date with current affairs - 32%
9. Emailing - 29%
10. Skype/Facetime - 12%

Some 38% of people claimed they ‘became bored’ if they didn’t use gadgets in the bath, while 44% said that they spent longer in the bath due to using gadgets whilst having a soak, with 20 minutes being the average additional time spent in the tub for those using gadgets, compared to those that didn’t.

Words by Katy Pearson