A new survey from has revealed that a worrying 57% of Brits are wearing out of date sunscreen A further 56% admit they don’t apply sunscreen frequently enough, exposing themselves to life-threatening sun damage.

Every year, over 100,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with skin cancer and over 2,500 of those people lose their life as a result . Sun exposure is the main preventable cause of skin cancer.

Some 60% of people in the UK polled by supermarket Asda stated they find sun protection products overpriced. A quarter (26%) of those surveyed use old sunscreen, purchased over two years ago, which offers a fraction of the intended sun protection compared to when originally bought. And a shocking 9% of Brits admitted they never apply sun protection, exposing themselves to dangerous UV rays and putting themselves at high risk of developing skin cancer.

Asda supermarket has now launched a brand new campaign, ‘Don’t Get Burnt’, which will raise awareness of the importance of sun protection, the health risks associated with UV radiation from the sun and also challenge the Government to drive down the price of sun protection products.

British Skin Foundation spokesperson, Hermione Lawson added; “By the end of this summer, around 1,250 people in the UK will die from skin cancer. We support Asda’s ‘Don’t Get Burnt’ campaign to highlight the serious health risks posed from sun damage. What people often don’t realise is that skin cancer is largely a preventable disease, and along with clothing and shade, high factor sunscreen can help protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.”

Words by Katy Pearson

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