A new study looking into the hair care spending habits of women in the UK has revealed that 17% of women don't know how their hair looks in its natural state, as they've been colouring it for so long that they ‘can't remember’ its original appearance.

The study, conducted by www.vouchercloud.com, polled 1,342 women from around the UK as part of research into the impact of beauty treatments on personal finances.

It also revealed the average woman visits her hairdresser every 8.2 weeks, and spends £42.32. Only 12% claimed that they’d never had their hair coloured.

Of those who do colour their hair 62% said of woman said they still knew what their natural hair colour was, 21% of said that they were unsure, but 17% said that they genuinely didn't know what it was as they had been 'dying it for too long'.