A new survey by VoucherCodesPro.co.uk has revealed that more than 50% of men would choose a partner who was less attractive, over someone they thought better looking, if they thought she had ‘inexpensive tastes’. 

More than 1,200 single UK men, aged 18 and over, were polled as part of research into male relationship values.

Respondents were initially asked ‘What are the key things you look for in a partner?’ and asked to choose from a list of options.

The top ten results were as follows, with respondents able to select more than one answer:

1. Good sense of humour - 68%
2. Caring nature -66%
3. Financial independence - 60%
4. Looks - 58%
5. Intelligence - 55%
6. Gets on well with friends and family - 54%
7. Personal interests - 52%
8. Ambition - 49%
9. Dress sense - 45%
10. Corresponding beliefs (religious/political) - 42%

Respondents were then asked: ‘Given the choice between a partner you consider to be good looking with expensive tastes, compared to somebody you consider to be less good looking but with ‘inexpensive tastes’, which option would you choose?’ 54% said they would choose the person with ‘inexpensive tastes’ over a more high maintenance partner. However, 29%, did admit that they would opt for a better looking partner with expensive tastes, with the remaining 17% unsure.

When asked why they would choose someone with less expensive tastes over someone they considered better looking, the majority (51%) explained that they would simply consider expensive tastes as an ‘unattractive feature’.

Those polled were also asked ‘Would you dump a partner if they didn’t get on with your friends?’ 42% said ‘yes’. 37% said ‘no’, whilst the remaining 21% said they ‘didn’t know’.

George Charles of VoucherCodesPro.co.uk said: "It's a refreshing change for our survey to reveal that people aren't as obsessed with looks as we might think. It seems they're equally obsessed with money! On a positive note, if you’ve got a caring nature and a good sense of humour then you can consider yourself a real catch."

Words by Katy Pearson