A genuinely good massage is one of those frustratingly intangible entities. Other people seem to have them all the time. They’re transformative. Life-changing, even. You’re always hearing about them and yet, when it comes down to it, they seem very difficult to come across.

According to Rohan Quarry Day, Musculoskeletal Deep Tissue Therapist currently in residence at the Shambhala Urban Escape spa at The Metropolitan Hotel, this is because an ordinary treatment is woefully lacking. Traditional massage is often no more than a haphazard kneading of your limbs, he claims. It may make you feel relaxed at the time, but it rarely has any lasting effect.

rohan massage

Rohan – who has spent the summer working with a fair few Olympians - has developed his own brand of therapy to target specific areas of weakness, combining Pilates, massage and physiotherapy to really smooth out any knots and strengthen you up.

At the start of a session, he has you stand in front of him so he can assess your stance. His perceptiveness is astonishing. He could tell instantly, for example, that I carry my handbag on my left shoulder: my ribs and pelvis are closer together on my right as I lean that way to compensate for the weight.

Lying on the therapy table, to which you are strapped down (less alarming that in sounds) he pushes you to the point of exquisite discomfort (also less alarming that in sounds) with his targeted massage. Sessions with Rohan require a little more involvement than an ordinary treatment – at points he has you push against him to strengthen the areas that have been lacking attention.

rohan room

His cheery manner and patient handling work wonders with even the tensest of bodies. And the results are astounding. You come away invigorated and empowered, and with tissues relaxed and joints supple, some clients even walk off a good few millimetres taller. I certainly came away feeling muscles I didn’t even know I had.

Run – hell, sprint – to The Metropolitan before Rohan leaves the city in October (he can sort out your tight limbs once you’re there).

For more information, visit http://www.comohotels.com/metropolitanlondon/wellbeing